Quick Fix: 13 Ways to Make Your Rental Listing Title More Clickable

May 16, 2018 | Marketing

For travelers browsing rental listings on TripAdvisor and across its international network of sites—including Holiday Lettings, FlipKey, Niumba and more—your title entices them to choose your listing above all the others they see.

So, you need to ask yourself a question: Is your title as clickable as can be? Does it make a traveler stop as they scroll and want to take a closer look? Check out our 13 tips to improve it and get more eyeballs on your listing.

1. Remove basic listing information

We’ve taken care of showing the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and sleep capacity on the search results page, so you don’t need to include these in your title. Instead, focus on the most interesting and unique aspects of your property.

Tip: We’ve seen that travelers are significantly more likely to book a listing if the title has more words than numbers

2. Be specific about the location

If you want to mention where you rental is, zero in on the neighborhood or nearby attraction. After all, many travelers will want accommodation near famous landmarks or tourist sites. We already categorize your rental by city, so you don’t need to worry about including that.

3. Pick out your best attributes

Now that you’ve freed up some room in that title, pick out just one or two of your home’s best features to make your headline stand apart. If you’re struggling for room, use pipes to separate them e.g. Luxury villa | Private pool | 5 mins from beach

4. Be different!

Take a look at the titles of the listings in your area and try to identify what will make yours stand out. Avoid any common threads and try to craft a title that will jump out for being different amongst all your competitors.

5. Compare and critique

Write three or four different listing titles, all with different approaches, and then compare them all. Which grabs your attention first? What really stands out? Which is the most impactful?

Get friends and family involved, too! Ask them which they think is the most powerful or the most successful at getting travelers to click. Eliminate the variations one by one before settling on your favorite.

6. Avoid empty adjectives

Try to avoid using generic adjectives (e.g. spectacular, magnificent and beautiful). These tend to be overused, easy to ignore and not very effective at painting a picture in the traveler’s mind.

7. State your USPs

Your property’s USPs—that’s your Unique Selling Points—are what differentiates your rental from the others in the (probably crowded) marketplace. Try to include three to five of these in your listing title and you’ll find that it really packs a punch. Here are some examples with the USPs underlined. Notice how each one has an adjective to describe it, too. That combination makes for a super effective title:

Luxury lakeside cabin, fishing pier, peaceful
Colosseum views penthouse | Private, sun-soaked roof terrace
Beach cottage, ocean views, heated pool & private garden

8. Test, test, and test again

It’s really important to test your listing title. Make a small change and check the number of views and inquiries in your dashboard. If you don’t see a lift, make another change and check again.

You can also try changing your listing title to reflect the seasons or to promote a special offer. Many owners have seen success with this approach.

9. The perfect double act

A strong title together with an eye-catching lead image is the perfect recipe when it comes to attracting travelers. The goal is to get the words in your listing title and the lead photo you’ve chosen to work in harmony and entice your next guest to click.

10. Check the word count

You have 80 characters to play with for your title. But keep in mind that travelers are browsing TripAdvisor on a variety of screen sizes—including tablets and phones—so brevity is most definitely better.

11. Leave out unnecessary details

With conciseness in mind, take out any words that don’t add value to your title. That includes unit and floor numbers or any other reference number that will be meaningless to travelers.

12. Run a spell check

Spelling mistakes can immediately put travelers off and undo a lot of the effort you’ve put into crafting your listing title. It’s worth looking at your title with fresh eyes or, better yet, sending it to someone else to proofread.

13. Write your title last

It might sound counterintuitive, but writing your title last is the best way to go. Your property description is where you can really go to town with selling the experience of staying in your rental. Once you’ve nailed that, extract the best bits and use them as the building blocks for your listing title.

*Travelers are 7-8x more likely to book if 80% of the title is words vs. numbers.

Headlines: Before and after

Before: 2BR/2BA Condo Unit #317

After: Luxury ski chalet with fireplace | Near slopes

Before: San Francisco apartment

After: Modern apartment with great views near Ghirardelli square

Ready to get more potential guests looking at your listing? Update your headline on your Listings page and select Property details.

For advice on writing an irresistible property description, take a look at our expert guide.


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