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The Texas Gulf Coast is the place to go for all things adventurous. It offers beautiful ocean views and activities sure to please everyone. With Houston just an hour (or less!) away, there are lots of historic landmarks as well as opportunities to explore the city. Great restaurants, shops, aquariums, the NASA spacebase and a beach day whenever you want… there’s certainly no shortage of things to keep all your guests happy throughout their trip to the Texas Gulf Coast.

Peak Season trends in the Texas Gulf Coast

Booking Pattern:

Bookings are fairly stable with a steady rise in June and July, followed by a gradual decline, before picking up again in December.

Travelers begin searching for vacation rentals in the Texas Gulf Coast around January, with a large spike in interests within the first three months of the year. Bookings are being made for The Texas Gulf Coast mostly in March and May through August. Bookings are very low in the fall/winter months. Peak times for travelers are spring and summer breaks (March and May-July).

Peak Season:

June and July are the most popular months with good weather for outdoor fun. Travellers also choose to visit the tropical island in December for year-end getaways, festivals and parties.

Booking season trends in Texas Gulf Coast

TripAdvisor Tip #1: If your rental property is very close to the beach or has a communal pool, highlight this on your listing. Offering suggestions of nearby snack shacks or best beaches to go to can help your guests settle in quicker and get the most out of their stay. Providing beach equipment—such as chairs or umbrellas—is a great way to help your guests feel at ease and be able to pack lighter.

TripAdvisor Tip #2Showcasing how spacious your rental property is a great way to attract large families or groups. There are lots of outdoor activities in and around the Texas Gulf Coast, so make sure to promote all the attractions and your proximity to them! Did you know you can book tours and activities on behalf of your guests AND earn 8% commission? Learn more about our Travel Agent Program for property managers and owners here.

Booking Pattern:

During peak season, travelers are booking an average of 43 days in advance. During off season, this falls to 20 days before their vacation.

Peak Season:

Guests are staying on average for 3 nights during peak season in the Texas Gulf Coast.

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One Bedroom Properties

Owners of one bedroom properties in the Texas Gulf Coast are earning an average of $100/night. Currently, 22% of TripAdvisor listings in this location are one bedroom properties and cater for one to two guests. Guests are staying on average for 3 nights. Make sure to highlight lots of acitvities to keep your guests happy and busy while they’re staying at the Texas Gulf Coast!

Two Bedroom Properties

On average, two bedroom properties in the Texas Gulf Coast earn a nightly rate of $140. With 34% of the total listings being two bedroom properties, it is mostly rented by 3-4 guests. Make sure you stock your house with fun activities for everyone because more than 40% of guests are traveling in groups of 5 or more!

Three Bedroom Properties

Three bedroom properties in the Texas Gulf Coast are earning an average of $125/night and are very popular with groups. If your property is spacious enough, consider adding the option of sofa beds or extra beds to accommodate more guests. Besides Wi-Fi or internet, guests are looking for waterfront, private pool, and a washer in a property. Make sure to include these items in your listing description. 

Four and Five Bedroom Properties

Four and five bedroom properties in Texas Gulf Coast go for on average $418/night. A significant proportion of travelers going to the Texas Gulf Coast travel in large groups, be it with family and/or friends. They prefer accommodation with more bedrooms and more space. Currently, four and five bedroom properties account for 10% and 5% respectively of the total listings available in the Texas Gulf Coast.

List your property in the Texas Gulf Coast today!


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