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Big Bear Lake, California is located in the heart of America’s most pristine woodlands and is best known for its white powder and ski trails. Big Bear Lake is home to the clearest mountain lakes for swimming and sailing, alongside nature paths for horseback riding, biking, hiking, and exploring. Travelers tend to desire a secluded forest getaway for quiet relaxation or family fun when traveling to the Big Bear Region, making rentals in this area a worthwhile and profitable investment.

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1-2 bedroom properties


Currently, 7% of TripAdvisor listings in the Big Bear region are one-bedroom properties.

3 bedroom properties


Being the most common, three bedroom properties consist of 37% of the listings located in the Big Bear region.

4 bedroom properties


Currently, 16% of TripAdvisor listings in the Big Bear region are four bedroom properties.

5+ bedroom properties


Currently, 9% of TripAdvisor listings in the Big Bear region are five or more bedroom properties.

Booking Season

Travelers begin searching for the perfect vacation home in the Big Bear region at the end of the year through the beginning of the new year. The majority of bookings are made during December and January.

TripAdvisor Tip

Due to the majority of bookings being made in a small two-month window, it’s important that your listings are all up-to-date by the beginning of December. Make sure you have up-to-date seasonal prices, an enticing description and enough photos to attract travelers.

Peak Season

The most popular time for travelers to visit the Big Bear region is the winter, with December and February being the two most popular months. Travelers typically visit the Big Bear Region for a weekend, with the average length of stay being two nights and three days.

TripAdvisor Tip

Travelers visiting the Big Bear region don’t book their trips very far in advance. Bearing this in mind, it’s important to keep an eye on your listings and respond to all inquiries quickly. Download the TripAdvisor app so you can check and respond to inquiries and bookings right from your phone, wherever you are.

Bookings by number of guests

1-2 guests: 35%

3 guests: 4%

4 Guests: 11%

5+ Guests: 50%

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