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Located in Baldwin County, Alabama, the resort city of Gulf Shores is known for its 32 miles of white-sand beaches and clear water. Gulf Shores was ranked in the top ten for best U.S. vacation destinations due the endless activities it has to offer, including scenic cruises, watersports, sunset dining, dolphin-watching, hiking, golfing, and relaxing on the beach. This variety attracts travelers year after year, making vacation homes in this location a lucrative investment.

Booking Season

Travelers begin searching for the perfect vacation home in Gulf Shores as early as the beginning of the year. Bookings are steady throughout the first six months of the year, with peaks in the months of February and May.

TripAdvisor Tip

Due to the steady booking pattern over the first half of the year, update your listings regularly, making sure your seasonal prices and photos are getting travelers’ attention and resulting in maximum interest in your listing. Use your photos to show potential guests the experience they’ll enjoy.

Peak Season

The most popular time for travelers to visit Gulf Shores is from the beginning of May through the end of July when the air—as well as the water—both remain in the 80-degree range. Guests stay an average of 5 nights and 6 days in Gulf Shores during these summer months.

TripAdvisor Tip

Make sure you maximize your availability as much as possible for the summer months. Consider setting your minimum stay at around the average stay (5 nights) to increase your earnings.

Bookings by number of guests


1-2 guests


3 guests


4 guests


5+ guests

List your property in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and you could earn…


per guest, per night


per night, per stay


per overall reservation

One Bedroom Properties

Owners of one bedroom homes, apartments, and condos in Gulf Shores are earning an average of $150/night. Currently, only 13% of TripAdvisor listings in this location have one bedroom. However, 35% of bookings come from parties of two. With demand high, one bedroom Gulf Shores properties offer a rental investment with tempting potential.

Two bedroom properties

Currently almost half of TripAdvisor’s listings in Gulf Shores, Alabama, have two bedrooms. Of the 45% that do, the majority are condos or apartments as opposed to houses or villas. Gulf Shores owners of two bedroom properties are earning an average of $97/night. With significant competition, if you’re listing a condo or an apartment be sure to highlight its best amenities, such as a gym or a pool.

Three bedroom properties

Three bedroom properties in Gulf Shores are earning an average of $176/night. Currently, these properties account for 26% of TripAdvisor’s listings in this location. The TripAdvisor listing pictured on the right has three bedrooms, but comfortably sleeps up to eight guests. Make your property more marketable by having king-sized beds, bunk beds, and sleeper sofas, offering as much flexibility as possible for different guest groups.

Four bedroom properties

Interestingly, parties of four or more guests account for 41% of all Gulf Shores bookings. However, four bedroom properties represent just 8% of TripAdvisor’s listings in this location. With demand incredibly high, four bedroom homes in Gulf Shores make an attractive rental prospect for investment, especially considering owners on TripAdvisor are currently earning an average of $199/night.

Five or More Bedroom Properties

Properties in Gulf Shores with five or more bedrooms are earning an average of $350/night. This group has the highest earnings but only accounts for 6% of TripAdvisor’s listings in this location. With Gulf Shores being such a family-oriented vacation destination, homes of this size are in demand (especially given the current trend for multi-generational getaways)! So, if you have a property with five or more bedrooms in the Gulf Shores, listing it on TripAdvisor today could be a very profitable move.

Tips & Tricks

Draw more attention to your listing

The first thing travelers see when looking for a vacation home online are the photos. Make your property stand out from the others by adding an eye-catching lead image. Then fill your gallery with WOW images that show your property at its best. Our latest analysis shows that listings with ten photos receive 81% more interest than listings with only four.

Travelers will also want to hear about other people’s experiences—that’s where your reviews come in. Reviews allow travelers to book your home with more confidence. The more photos and reviews you have, the more interest your listing will receive.

Encourage your guests to leave reviews

Just a single review can double traveler interest in your listing. And the best part? Even if you’re brand new to TripAdvisor, you can still request reviews from previous guests whether they booked through TripAdvisor or not—all you need is their email address.

And for current guests? We recommend creating a welcome package to greet them upon arrival, including a quick note reminding them to leave a review on TripAdvisor. Consider purchasing a stack of instantly recognizable review request cards to give your rental a professional feel. You can find them in our exclusive merchandise store.

Get to know your guests before they stay in your home

Get to know your guests before their trip by finding out what type of party they are. If they’re a family with young children, leave them some toys and an umbrella for use at the beach. If it’s a young couple, leave them a cooler and some beach chairs. These little touches go a long way and can, in turn, result in a great review.

List your property in Gulf Shores today!


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