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Bali is an island full of charms, drawing in both adventurers and those seeking relaxation. Seminyak and Ubud are two of the more popular holiday spots on the Indonesian island, each with its own distinct appeal to holiday-goers. From a vibrant upmarket coastal enclave teeming with life in Seminyak, to a quieter local village experience coupled with a vivacious cultural scene in the mountainous Ubud, it’s no wonder Bali was crowned the world’s top travel destination by TripAdvisor in 2017. With the influx of visitors, villa rentals are also going strong with a myriad of opportunities in the market. Luxury properties are growing in increasingly saturated areas, while development is spreading to previously untapped areas.

Booking season trends in Seminyak

Booking Pattern:

Bookings are fairly stable with a steady rise in June and July, followed by a gradual decline, before picking up again in December.

Peak Season:

June and July are the most popular months with good weather for outdoor fun. Travellers also choose to visit the tropical island in December for year-end getaways, festivals and parties.

Travelers flock to Bali’s tropical paradise all-year round with bookings well spread out throughout the year. For both Seminyak and Ubud, the booking trends are rather similar, with July being the peak month. On average, travelers to either destination tend to stay between five nights and six days.  

Bookings by number of guests in Seminyak

Bookings by number of guests in Ubud

Booking season trends in Ubud

TripAdvisor Tip #1: Entice travelers with the idea of a perfect stay beyond the accommodation itself. Include tips and local knowledge such as upcoming events/festivals nearby (you can add this under Property Description – About the Area). Or advise travellers what to bring for their trip (as part of your listing’s Welcome Pack) to help them visualize their perfect stay. TripAdvisor Tip #2: For accommodation in either Seminyak or Ubud, on average travelers start inquiring  3 months ahead of their intended stay. For peak season, this can be as early as 6 to 12 months in advance. Consider entering competitive  seasonal rates early to entice travellers who book in advance. Plus, if your prices are accurate, you won’t have to edit or decline any bookings (meaning less admin for you and increased satisfaction for your guests).

Booking Pattern:

Interest continues to wane as we step further into winter. Bookings drop to their lowest in May.

Peak Season

Like Seminyak, Ubud is busiest in July but doesn’t show the same uplift in December

If you list your property in Seminyak you could earn...


per guest, per night


per night, per stay


per overall reservation

One Bedroom Properties

Owners of one bedroom properties in Seminyak are earning an average of $233/night. Currently, 16% of TripAdvisor listings in this location are one bedroom properties and cater for one to two guests. This group of travelers tends to prefer a quiet neighbourhood while still being near the city or beaches in Seminyak. So, if your property is in an exceptional location, be sure to play to its strengths! Highlight your property location in the photos or description to appeal to this traveler trend.

Two Bedroom Properties

On average, two bedroom properties in Seminyak earn a nightly rate of $78. With 26% of the total listings being two bedroom properties, it is fairly well-received among three to four guests. In your pitch, highlight any communal areas where guests can gather (e.g. pool, gazebo, entertainments room) while emphasizing that each traveler will have their own private space to retreat and relax while still being under the same roof.

Three Bedroom Properties

Three bedroom properties in Seminyak are earning an average of $386/night and are very popular with groups of six guests. Although three bedroom properties are the most common property type in Seminyak (at 30% of total listings) this is matched by a similar demand from travelers so it continues to be a worthy and lucrative investment. If your property is spacious enough, consider adding the option of sofa beds or extra beds to accommodate more guests.

Four and Five Bedroom Properties

A significant proportion of travelers going to Seminyak travel in large groups, be it with family and/or friends. They prefer accommodation with more bedrooms and more space. Currently, four and five bedroom properties account for 15% and 13% respectively of the total listings available in Seminyak. Potential investors should consider having a villa manager and staff on site to cater to your guests’ needs. Provide value-added services such as a mini-bus shuttle service to ferry your guests or spa services to elevate your stay above the rest. 

If you list your property in Ubud you could earn...


per guest, per night


per night, per stay


per overall reservation

One Bedroom Properties

One bedroom properties are the most common property type in Ubud, catering to the solo traveler or those on a couples getaway. Add photos of your property’s scenic surroundings, such as a breathtaking view of the rice fields, and show it to your potential guests. Travelers are twice as likely to book a property with ten photos over one with only four photos.

Two Bedroom Properties

Two bedroom properties remain a popular choice with smaller groups, be it two couples traveling together, a small family, or a group of friends. Only 24% of TripAdvisor listings in Ubud are two bedroom properties, signalling potential for this property type to grow even further. Know your guests well and anticipate their needs (e.g. a baby cot, mosquito repellent/net, etc.) to enhance their experience.

Three to Five Bedroom Properties

Three, four and five bedroom properties are less common among TripAdvisor’s Ubud listings. Despite that, these properties still see their fair share of demand among larger groups. With a larger group, travel planning may take more effort. Help your guests out by suggesting certain group activities they can do nearby or help to coordinate their transportation.

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