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Beach lovers can’t stay away from this place! The Florida Panhandle has miles of coastline with a view of the Gulf of Mexico on the horizon, but that’s not all that the location has to offer. The towns are filled with cute boutiques perfect for shopaholics and plenty of places to dance the night away. The state parks and endless activities provide options of things to do that are guaranteed to satisfy everyone- from couples on a romantic getaway to families on week vacation.

Peak Season

The peak season that traveler’s typically visit the Florida Panhandle is in spring and summer, more specifically May through July. This period accounts for a little over 85% of total annual bookings. The beautiful weather and beaches makes the Florida Panhandle an attractive place for a relaxing vacation basking in the sun!


Booking Season

While, spring and summer is peak season for people visiting the Florida Panhandle, majority of bookings happen 1-3 months in advance! This means that 75% of interest shown in rentals comes from the months between January and June, with March being the peak- with 21% of annual interest shown.


TripAdvisor Tips on Peak & Booking Season

To get ahead of the game, we suggest you prepare your rental in advance so that it is more attractive to prospective renters that are looking early! This means turning on SMS notifications, syncing your calendar, adding seasonal rates, and so much more. Preparing ahead of time should increase bookings as well as provide you extra time down the road to make your rental perfect for your arriving guests!


When visitors arrive







Spring and summer account for peak season for visitors coming to the Florida Panhandle. The numbers to the left provide insight to the percentages of travellers coming over the three most popular months.

When travellers show interest









The data above highlights the importance of preparing your rental in advance, as the majority of bookings occur over the period of January through April.

How much money can rentals make?


per overall reservation


per night, per stay


per night, per guest

If you are worried about your listing not getting booked or not making enough money, check out our Listing 101 post to learn the ins and outs of making your vacation rental successful!

Who’s coming to the Florida Panhandle?

Know your guest

The most represented demographics booking rentals are families and couples. Rentals with one to three bedrooms makeup 77% of booking. Properties are typically rented for about a week; however, the length of stays can vary by season!

TripAdvisor Tips

Preparing your rental for the type of guest you have is important to creating an experience that guests will rave about! Through enhancing the experience to be more personalized to your guest, you have a better likelihood of getting positive reviews and subsequently receiving more bookings. For more tips of how to tailor your rental to your guest check out this post.

Bookings by bedroom count


1 bedroom


2 bedrooms


3 bedrooms

Tips & Tricks

Draw more attention to your listing
The Florida Panhandle has so much to offer, from swimming with dolphins to baseball games at the Blue Wahoos Ballpark- there will never be a dull moment for visitors. We suggest that you provide a list of local attractions and things to do for your guests, so that they can take full advantage of everything in the area. You can check out our favorites at
International Travelers
Amsterdam tends to have lots of international travelers. Make sure to let your guests know the best way to access the airport and try to be as flexible as you can with early/late check-ins/outs. Another suggestion is to have welcome baskets for your guests that showcase some Amsterdam flair.
Get to know your guests before they stay in your home
Get to know your guests before their trip by finding out what type of party they are. If they’re an adventerous couple, offer them maps and guides to show them all the opportunities on foot Amsterdam has to offer. If they’re into european arthcitecture, point them in the direction of the OOstelijk or to visit the NDSM wharf to see the Ijhallen flea market.

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