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Amsterdam is home to some of the most incredible places to shop, eat, socialize, and explore. Home of the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank Tour, Amsterdam is filled with rich history that attracts visitors from around the globe. Visitors in the summer explore the canals on a guided boat tour or come in the winter to see the picturesque frozen city. With a vibrant nightlife, bustling canals and unique shops in Oostelijk, this walking city is a top destination for travelers of all types.
Booking Season

Travelers begin searching for the perfect vacation home in Amsterdam starting the first of the year. Most bookings are made between January and March when the season changes from winter to spring. After that, there is a small decline in bookings but they stay consistent throughout the whole year.

Amenities Tip Guests who are looking for vacation rentals in Amsterdam almost always expect Wi-Fi or internet. In addition to internet access, guests travelers coming to Amsterdam are looking for outdoor spaces or gardens, in-home washers, and a hot tub. Having these amenities in your home will help boost your chances of getting bookings.
Peak Season

The most popular time for travelers to visit Amsterdam is during the springtime (April or May), when the weather is mild and the tulips are starting to bloom. Guests typically stay four nights and five days on average.

TripAdvisor Tip

Cater studio apartments to couples or close friends by offering amenities such as a complementary bottle of wine, maps, or a list of suggested acitivites. Since many travelers are flocking to the area to see the tulips, providing details in your listing on how to best experience this can help attract more bookings.

Bookings by number of guests


1-2 guests


3 guests


4 guests


5+ guests

List your property in Amsterdam and you could earn…


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Studio Properties

Owners of studio apartments in Amsterdam are earning an average of $130/night. Currently, only 6% of TripAdvisor listings in Amsterdam are studios. More than half of bookings come from parties of two, most likely couples or friends. With demand high, studio apartment properties offer high earning potential (per square foot), especially when located in Amsterdam’s top neighborhoods.

One Bedroom Properties

Owners of one bedroom homes, apartments, and condos in Amsterdam are earning an average of $161/night. Currently, 46% of bookings are for one bedroom properties. With demand high, one bedroom Amsterdam properties offer a rental investment with tempting potential. As many couples come to enjoy the romanticism of Amsterdam, be sure to highlight some romatic restaurants or great date night ideas like a boat ride down one of the canals. Get more ideas for attracting couples here.

Two Bedroom Properties

Currently one third of TripAdvisor’s listings in Amsterdam have two bedrooms. Amsterdam owners of two bedroom properties are earning an average of $336/night. More than 90% of these two bedrooms sleep between 2 to 4 people, suggesting groups of friends or families are looking mostly for two bedroom properties in Amsterdam. With many travelers coming from abroad, make sure you are equipped to handle late-arriving (or early-arriving) guests.

Three Bedroom Properties

Three bedroom properties in Amsterdam are earning an average of $282/night and consist of 11% of TripAdvisor’s listings in this location. Over 80% of 3 bedrooms sleep more than 5 guests, suggesting that mostly families or groups of friends are looking for three bedrooms in Amsterdam. Anticipating the needs of a family by making your property kid-friendly can help parents book your property without hesitation.

Four Bedroom Properties

4 bedroom rentals are earning $118 a night on average. Four bedroom properties only account for 4% of bookings. Almost all 4 bedrooms sleep 4 or more (except for 2). Depending on where you are lcoated, if you have a 4 bedroom we suggest turning one of the bedrooms into a common area or a living room to have a better chance of boosting bookings. This could be attractive to potential guests as an area to meet up or hangout with friends before a night out.

Five or More Bedroom Properties

5 bedroom properties are earning an average of $847 a night and account for 1% of bookings. Over 93% of 5 bedrooms serve more than 5 guests. If you have a 5 bedroom home, make sure to showcase how great it is for large groups of families and friends.

Tips & Tricks

Draw more attention to your listing
Amsterdam has 8 main districts and highlighting your proximity to all the city has to offer such as the bustling canals and unique shops would be great to include in your listing. Let your potential guests know about the nearby museums and their proximity to your home. While your guests are in Amsterdam, make sure to suggest popular outings such as the Anne Frank Tour or to partake in the Heineken Experience. Highlighting your proximity to these attractions will help guests confidently book your property.
International Travelers
Amsterdam tends to have lots of international travelers. Make sure to let your guests know the best way to access the airport and try to be as flexible as you can with early/late check-ins/outs. Another suggestion is to have welcome baskets for your guests that showcase some Amsterdam flair.
Get to know your guests before they stay in your home
Get to know your guests before their trip by finding out what type of party they are. If they’re an adventerous couple, offer them maps and guides to show them all the opportunities on foot Amsterdam has to offer. If they’re interested in European arthcitecture, point them in the direction of the Oostelijk or to visit the NDSM wharf to see the Ijhallen flea market.

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