Homeowner Beware Of These 4 Types Of Phishing Emails

Mar 29, 2017 | Security

For a full overview on how to protect your account from phishing, check out our online security checklist.

The online security of the travelers and homeowners who use our sites is our top priority. We’re proud to say that occurrences of fraud are extremely rare. Our teams and systems work around the clock to keep it that way.

However, very rarely fraudsters attempt to steal personal email and TripAdvisor Rentals account login details (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) from rental owners, with the aim of fraudulently posing as that homeowner over email, communicating with unsuspecting travelers, and re-directing payments.

Below are 4 popular examples of the type of phishing emails you may receive from a fraudster trying to access your login information. If you ever receive an email and aren’t sure of its legitimacy, double-check it against these phishing examples.


1. Outgoing Email Address Is Disguised To Look Like It’s Coming From Us

We will only ever contact you from addresses ending in:

  • @tripadvisor
  • @rentals.tripadvisor.com
  • @e.tripadvisor.com
  • @e1.tripadvisor.co.uk
  • @flipkey.com
  • @niumba.com
  • @holidaylettings.co.uk
  • @holidaylettings.[your country code]

Fraudsters may try to trick you with an outgoing email address that is similar, but does not end identically to one of the above addresses. Below is an example of an incorrect outgoing email address that is disguised to look like it’s coming from FlipKey.

From: FlipKey <noreply@bm.sd-flipkey.com?

Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 8:10 AM

Subject: Important Information – Case #80588301


2. Verbiage Mentions “Synchronizing Account” Or “Within 24 Hours”

TripAdvisor Rentals will never mention “synchronizing your account” in any email. If you see this verbiage in an email, along with time pressure such as “act fast” or “confirm your account within 24 hours,” there is a chance this is a phishing attempt.

Dear Owner/Property Manager,

Based on recent activity, your account is in danger of being restricted. Your account will be suspended due to a suspicious activity, namely not responding to synchronizing requests. As a precaution you must confirm your account.

[hyperlink that asks you to verify your account]

Your account will be fully suspended if you do not confirm your account and you will not be allowed to sign up for a new account if your present account is deactivated. Click the link above to confirm your account within 24 hours of receiving this message


The TripAdvisor Rentals Team


3. Hyperlinks Drive To Unfamiliar URLs

Within any email we may include text lines or buttons that hyperlink to your account login page. No matter what the links look like, always double check that you’ve landed on a site that starts with https://rentals.tripadvisor.com/. We say “starts with” because there may be a language identifier or geography code added to the end of the URL string, but it will always start with https://rentals.tripadvisor.com/. Therefore, a genuine URL may look like this:

  • https://rentals.tripadvisor.com/en_GB/login?m=33847/

If the email includes a button with a hyperlink, such as the “Verify email address” in the below screenshot, you’d want to make sure that the hyperlink of the “Verify email address” button goes only to an account login page that starts with https://rentals.tripadvisor.com/.



4. Email Uses An Incorrect Company Mailing Address

One way to immediately tell if the email is fraudulent is if our company mailing address in the email’s footer is incorrect. Emails may come from TripAdvisor Rentals, FlipKey, HolidayLettings, Niumba, HouseTrip or Vacation Home Rentals and include our respective mailing addresses. Below are the accurate addresses. Any email with a mailing address that does not match one of these is fraudulent.

  • TripAdvisor Rentals: 400 1st Ave., Needham, MA 02494, USA
  • FlipKey: 226 Causeway St., 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02114
  • HolidayLettings: Hinshelwood Building, Edmunds Halley Rd., Oxford Science Park, Oxforshire OX4 4GB

When in doubt, if you ever receive an email that you’re not sure about, just get in touch with us.


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The online security of the travelers and homeowners who use our sites is our top priority. While occurrences of fraud are extremely rare, hackers may still attempt to steal your personal information with a method called “phishing.” Read more on how to protect yourself.

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The online security of the travelers and homeowners who use our sites is our top priority. We’re proud to say that occurrences of fraud are extremely rare. Our teams and systems work around the clock to keep it that way.

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