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Our goal is to provide the best experience for both the traveler and the property manager. That means making sure that our technology is in a position to provide the ideal traveler experience while helping the property manager scale their business globally on our platform.

The suite of Tripadvisor Rentals APIs sets property managers up to have the most success on our platform and provides them benefits such as reducing manual workloads, automating processes, and providing the most accurate listing information – which undoubtedly will have a positive impact on conversion.

We will work with you and your team to ensure that the seamless traveler experience on the front-end matches the user experience on the back-end. Getting started is easy: start by reaching out to us at and by downloading the API specs that will help your business meet its goals.

Reservation Export (ResX) API

Download the ResX specs

Export reservation information to your central reservation management system

The Reservation Export API effectively manages all your reservations, providing a two-way calendar sync that makes it easier to enable Instant Booking.When a booking request is accepted, either manually or via Instant Booking, that reservation is pushed into the the central reservation management system and the dates are blocked off, avoiding the possibility of double bookings while minimizing the manual data input previously required.

This API works in two-steps:
1. The API first gets a list of all booking references and and time stamps of the last change.
2. Then the API will iterate over the list to retrieve individual details of the booking, such as stay dates, guest information, property reference, and payment information. The API will always pull the most recently updated information.

Our partners on the ResX API:

Real Time Rates & Availability API

Download Real-Time Rates specs

Improve booking conversion with real time get requests for rates and availability
The real time rates and availability API allows for partners to provide real-time rates on our points of sale and in our owner platform (NOC), allowing for more dynamic rates/fees, accurate availability, and enabling Instant Booking.Partners will have near complete control over price calculation. The API call and price calculation happens when the traveler is on the property description page (PDP) and booking page.This API is available for only those accounts with online bookable and inquiry only properties.

Our partners on the Real Time Rates & Availability API:

Content Connect API

Download Content Connect specs

Create new listings and make updates to existing listings
Designed to optimize listing quality, Content Connect enables the seamless transfer of listing content from your own system to your Tripadvisor Rentals account. Property managers can easily make edits to property details, calendars, rates and fees, booking policies, photos, and more using the Content Connect API.Tripadvisor Rentals Content API is a REST-like interface, accessed via standard HTTP GET, PUT, and DELETE methods, and uses JSON data serialization for both the request body and returned data.

Our partners on the Content Connect API:

Reputation Manager API

Manage your Tripadvisor reviews

Our Reputation Manager API is comprised of two parts: review solicitation and review exportation

Review solicitation:
Download the Reputation Manager Review Solicitation specs

Enable Tripadvisor to ask travelers who booked rentals through platforms outside the Tripadvisor Rentals platform to write reviews on the Tripadvisor platform. Tripadvisor will call the API and then send review invitation emails to those travelers on your behalf.

Exporting reviews:
Download the Reputation Manager Exporting Reviews specs

Reviews are available via a pull mechanism and are automatically exported directly into your software instance. These reviews are exported for use off of the Tripadvisor platform, such as to be placed on a website.

Our partner on the Reputation Manager APIs:

Other helpful resources

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Software Partnerships

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Case Study: VacayHome Connect

After building to the Real Time Rates & Availability and Reservation Export APIs, VacayHome Connect was able to enable Instant Booking on all listings, resulting in a 103% increase in bookings and a reduction in their call center costs.

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