Vacation Rental Checklist

Is there a better feeling than crossing everything off your to-do list?

Running a vacation rental business is not as easy as 1-2-3. If it were, everyone would do it!

Our research tells us that travelers prefer vacation rentals over hotels for a variety of reasons: they’re cheaper, better for entertaining large families, and you get to live like a local. But travelers do prefer some traditional hotel accommodations, such as clean linens, hairdryers, or housekeeping. Unfortunately, you do not have an entire hotel staff at your disposal, but you have the next best thing: your determination to provide the best guest experience paired with our vacation rental checklist. Okay we’ll stop being cheesy…

With a seemingly never-ending laundry list of things to do, we have developed this comprehensive vacation rental checklist to help take the pressure off your shoulders.

The vacation rental checklist covers:

1. How to create an attractive listing

We’ll give you tips on creating a listing travelers will want to book immediately, from the best listing title to how to order your photos.

2. How to meet guest expectations

Meeting guest expectations is a crucial part to the success of your rental business. Get tips that will keep your guests coming back for years.

3. Preparing for your guests’ stay

Your guest is coming in week – but there’s no need to panic! Our vacation rental checklist covers how to prepare your rental for your next guest.

4. Managing guests during their stay

Handling your guest’s check-in, check-out, and everything in between. First impressions are just as important as last impressions!

5. What to do after your guests leave

Changeovers between guests leave a lot of room for error – use this vacation rental checklist to avoid simple mistakes.

TripAdvisor’s vacation rental checklist can be used by anyone. Seasoned renters can use this checklist to make sure they didn’t forget anything – it happens to the best of us! New renters can use the vacation rental checklist to start, making sure all their bases are covered for their first guest.

One final word of advice…
Add it to it! Your checklist should be as unique as your rental.



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