Step-By-Step Guide To Listing Your Home On Tripadvisor

Aug 23, 2018 | Listing 101

Listing your home on TripAdvisor Rentals is a great way to earn some extra income. Whether your primary or second home, your apartment, villa, beach cottage, log cabin or any other property – renting it out to guests while you’re away can generate a significant amount of money.

With TripAdvisor’s quick signup process and easy-to-use management dashboard, you’ll be booking guests in no time.

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your listing.

Create Your TripAdvisor Rentals Account

Once you’ve landed on our registration page, we first ask for your name, email and phone number as well as a secure password which you will use to login to your account in the future.

1. Start by adding the location of your rental property

You’re just seven quick steps away from being totally set up! The first property information you’ll fill out is about the location of your rental.

FAQ: Why is it important to pin my property on the map?

FAQ: Why is my listing in a different location on TripAdvisor?

2. Property Details

This is where you fill in some specifics about the type of property you’re listing. You’ll add information like bedroom and bathroom count, maximum occupancy, amenities and features, plus your property title and property description.

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3. Rates, Taxes, Fees

Next you’ll tell travelers what your rates are. You can add seasonal rates as well, such as charging more during peak season (demand is higher) or less during low season.

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4. Booking Policies

In this section, you’ll set any policies related to the actual booking. Dictate guest payment options, your cancellation policy, refund policy and any damage deposits.

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FAQ: What are the cancellation policies and how can I change mine?

5. Photos

This is one of the most important aspects of your listing. Photos are the first impression a traveler gets of what your property actually looks like. We recommend using professional photos and displaying them in an order that takes your potential guest “through” your home from walk-in to exit.

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Please note: a minimum of 4 photos is required. For best results, photos should be no larger than 30MB and have a size no larger than 1200×800. The minimum photo size accepted is 640×480.

6. Payout Settings

You’ll then set up how you’d like to be paid. Options include PayPal or direct to your bank via account and routing numbers. All payout options are secure and fully confidential.

FAQ: When do I get paid?

FAQ: Should I recieve payments to my bank or PayPal account?

7. Review & Post

Lastly, you’ll review all the payment information you previously provided to ensure it is 100% accurate. After verifying your email, as well as phone number through SMS verification, you are done!

Once setup is complete, your listing is ready to take on bookings! You can manage everything from this point on through the easy-to-use TripAdvisor Rentals Dashboard.


10 Benefits of Listing On TripAdvisor

Renting out your home is a great way to supplant some of your weekly or monthly expenses. Home and apartment rentals have skyrocketed in recent years as travelers are seeking alternative accommodations – one’s that provide a more authentic and local experience than your typical hotel or resort.

Who Is TripAdvisor Rentals?

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, used by more than 350 million travelers each month. Our vacation rental marketplace includes over 835,000 available properties in 190 countries across the globe. 

How To Write A Description To Boost Your Bookings

The key to writing a great description is to put your guests in a vacation state of mind – that way they won’t be able to resist booking with you. By following our tips and taking a look at some examples of successful descriptions, you’ll be writing your own enticing text in no time.

How To Create An Irresistible Listing

So, you’ve got a great home? Show it off! Here are a few ways to create an eye-catching listing that will help catch the eyes of travelers looking for the perfect place to stay.

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