Step by Step Guide to Enabling Check-Out Days

Jun 29, 2018 | Listing 101

TripAdvisor Rentals is constantly developing features to help owners and managers like you, become more successful on our platform. Check-Out Day, our newest feature, is designed to allow you to set specific Check-Out days without the added stress of having to decline or edit bookings to meet certain stay requirements.

Though this feature is not required, it does provided great benefits when it is enabled.  For instance, you will benefit from more accurate rates, thus allowing for easier adoption of the Instant Book feature – more bookings means more money for you.

Below, find out how you can add the Check-Out Day feature to your properties.

Adding check-out day settings to individual properties

1. Select the property you'd like to edit

When you log into your owner dashboard, click on the “Listings” tab at the top of the page – selecting the “Rates” section in the dropdown. The next page will bring you to all of your listings, where you can then edit the base rate of your properties, one by one.

2. Edit your base rates

When you have selected the desired property, scroll to the right side of the page and click on “Edit”. From there, the dropdown will allow you to make the required edits. You are able to make changes to your minimum night stay as well as nightly and weekly rates.

3. Enter in optional rates

Once you have entered in the correct base rates, scroll down to the advanced settings section. Here, you can enter in optional rates, like a weekend per night rate.

4. Select your change-over days

Do you require travelers to check in on a certain day of the week? Change-Over Day gives you the ability to select a required day of check-in for travelers.  It can be flexible, or set to a specific day of the week.

5. Select your check out days

To enable the Check-Out Day feature, be sure to select “require check-out days”. Like that of changeover day, it can be flexible or set to specific days.

6. Review your work!

Before saving, be sure to double check that everything is set accurately. You don’t want to deny a booking request due to an error on your side!

Adding Check-Out Day to ALL properties

1. Navigate to “All Listings” page

As you log into your dashboard, click on the “Listings” tab at the top of the page. Select “All Listings” in the drop-down. This will bring you to all listings in your account.

2. Select all properties

Below the My Listings title, there is a light grey box labeled “Edit Section”. By checking off this box, it will highlight all of the properties listed on this page, as well as give you the option for adding to ALL of your properties.

3. Choose “Base Rate”

When you click on the “Edit Selection”, it will pop up a new window where you can choose a selection from the dropdown, where you will choose “Base Rate”.

4. Select “Require Check-Out Days”

You can find this in the “Refine your rate” section. You have the ability to make the Check-Out Day as flexible as you would like. It can be any day of the week, or you can make it specific days such as Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.


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