Centralize Your Availability (and Score More Bookings!) with Calendar Sync

Aug 29, 2017 | Listing 101

Managing calendar updates and maintaining accurate availability can be one of the biggest headaches when it comes to running a successful rental business. If you’re nodding in agreement right now, read on to discover a time-saving (and potentially life-saving) feature: Calendar sync.

What Is Calendar Sync?

Calendar sync is designed to make the whole process of updating your availability easier. With calendar sync, you can import updates from calendars on other sites—including Airbnb, Google, HomeAway, and Yahoo!—so if dates are booked on another site, those dates are shown as unavailable on your TripAdvisor listing.

That’s especially good news if you rent out your property on multiple platforms: you can forget about double-bookings and use your energy on more important things—like providing your guests with a great experience and building your business! But that’s not all: calendar sync also exports events from TripAdvisor to your other calendars every three hours. Want to know more of the nitty-gritty? Visit our help center for more info on how calendar sync works.


Why Should I Use It?

We’re glad you asked! Maybe you tried it in the past and weren’t a fan, or maybe you’re new here and “calendar sync” sounds a bit technical. Not to worry—thanks to feedback from owners like you, we’ve developed and improved the site with features that are simple to understand and easy to use. Recent updates include:

A new syncing process that updates every 83 minutes instead of every 3 hours**

An export option so TripAdvisor bookings are visible across your other listing sites

A streamlined design so updating your calendar is more intuitive

**As of March 6, 2018


How Can It Increase My Bookings?


Receive better quality inquiries
When travelers can see your true availability, they send more relevant inquiries your way. You’ll save their time and yours—no more “Sorry, we’re already booked for those dates.”

Accept more booking requests
With fully updated calendars that automatically sync both ways, you can feel confident in your availability every time you accept a new booking request, no matter what platform you’re using.

Give travelers the confidence to book with you
Every time your calendars are synced, the ‘Calendar last updated’ date on your listing refreshes. For travelers, that’s a sign that you’re on top of your game—and it makes them much more likely to book your property.

Try Calendar Sync, Today!

If you ever think there just aren’t enough hours in the day, Calendar sync could be the tool you’ve been waiting for. By taking the effort out of updating your availability, it gives every rental owner and manager more time for what matters. Set it up today in your dashboard.


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