How To Create An Irresistible Listing

Aug 5, 2015 | Listing 101

So, you’ve got a great home? Show it off! Here are a few ways to create an eye-catching listing.

Write To Excite

Think about whom you want to stay at your property, and write to entice them. When adding the text to your property description, be concise and communicate the most special features of your home. Here’s your chance to describe what sets your listing apart.

This approach also extends to your gallery. Most travelers head straight to your gallery before reading the rest of your listing. Add captions to your photographs to help travelers get in the vacation mood. Rather than simply writing terrace, why not go with a more inspiring description such as start the day with breakfast in the sun on your private outdoor patio?


First Impressions Count

Travelers browse and scan listings quickly before deciding which to investigate further. Consider whether your listing jumps out from the screen. Check out your listing in the context of those that surround it. If it’s camouflaged, try changing the photograph or jazzing up your property description.

The Power Of Photos

Your first photo is the one shown next to your property description in the search results, so it has the most power to attract guests. Highlight your main selling points, such as a pool, roof terrace or sea view. Remember to keep the images relevant to your home: that stunning ocean horizon will look much more appealing if your garden is also in shot.


You can upload a maximum of 100 photos, and the first 24 will be displayed on your listing. This means that you can upload photos for every season, and rotate them when the time is right.


  • You need to upload at least four photos to list your property
  • Our most-booked listings have 12+ photos
  • The higher the quality, the better
  • Guests are looking for:
    • Front of property
    • Living room
    • Kitchen
    • Bedroom(s)
    • Bathroom

Insider Knowledge

Travelers want to know what’s good in the area, so use your local knowledge. If you can give them hints and tips to take them beyond the guidebook, they’ll trust you more to provide the perfect vacation experience.

Let The Reviews Do The Hard Work


Nothing speaks like experience. Guest reviews are extremely powerful and these testimonials help persuade travelers to go ahead and book with you. Ask your guests to write a review for you via your reviews page in your account.

Seasonal Rates

We automatically calculate the total rate for travelers when they fill in their booking details, but it’s important that you use seasonal rates. This allows you to have different prices for different times of the year, for high season and low season.


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