How The Response Rate Works

Oct 2, 2015 | Listing 101

A good response rate is key to encouraging as many travelers as possible to inquire about your vacation rental. As technology has improved, people have become used to quick communication, and they will expect the same when booking a vacation. If your response rate is good, travelers know that they won’t need to wait long for a reply so will be more likely to book with you.

Where Can I Find My Response Rate?

Your response rate appears next to your name on the property listing, as well as being listed in the performance section of your owner dashboard.

View response rate in the “About the Manager” section on any of your listings.

View response rate in your dashboard in the “My Performance” section.

The percentage score is based on whether you’ve responded within 24 hours to your previous 20 inquiries or booking requests. If you haven’t yet received 20, your response rate is calculated from those that you have received.

Why Is Your Response Rate Important?

It’s been proven that travelers are more likely to book with you when they receive a quick response to their inquiry. In fact, responding within six hours will double your chance of securing a booking. Also:

  • It shows that you’re proactive and keen to keep guests happy. A quick response starts a good relationship – hopefully resulting in satisfied guests, a good review, and more bookings for you!
  • Your response rate affects your position in the search results. If your response rate is good, travelers will find your property sooner and you’ll receive more inquiries.
  • A poor response rate might mean that travelers will look elsewhere.
  • If your response rate is consistently poor, we may have to remove the listing to avoid further frustration for travelers.

How To Improve Your Response Rate

Always reply within 24 hours to any traveler inquiry to achieve a 100% response rate. We know that this isn’t always easy, so here’s some useful advice:

  • Our free mobile app makes it easy to manage bookings from your smartphone. Download the TripAdvisor owner app on your Android or Apple device to respond on the move.
  • Sign in often to ensure your listing is kept updated, so you don’t need to worry about checking details before confirming a booking request.
  • Your account contains default messages to accompany your responses. You can use these default responses to make replying quicker or, if you prefer, you can modify them or write your own.


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