8 Time-Saving Features Of Your TripAdvisor Owner Dashboard

Sep 18, 2017 | Listing 101

We’re all interested in saving time, right? Boy, if I had a nickel for every time there just aren’t enough hours in the day… As vacation rental owners, it’s likely you’ll have a thousand and one demands on your time, from managing same-day changeovers during peak season to replying to inquiries from potential (or current!) guests.

To help make your life just that little bit easier, we’ve put together a quick top 8 ways your TripAdvisor Rentals owner dashboard can save you time (and effort, and worry, and stress) and generally make you a happier person. OK… perhaps we can’t promise that. But we can guarantee your dashboard is working hard to support you as you build a successful business around your rental.

And here are 8 different ways it can help…

#1 Listing Strength

Forget the trial-and-error guessing game about what makes a great listing that travelers will want to book. Now, you can find out exactly how effective your listing is at attracting bookings – with Listing Strength. From responding quickly to making sure your listing is packed with detailed info, we’ll give you a score out of 12 as well as lots of tips to get it as high as possible—perfect for getting your listing in top shape (in record time!).

Find out more about Listing Strength

#2 Time-sensitive messages at the top of your inbox

Maybe you’ve never noticed this before, but the inbox in your dashboard is quite clever. It automatically sorts your messages and places the most time-sensitive ones right at the top. By prioritising replies, you can make the most efficient use of your time and deal with the most pressing messages first. 

Check your Inbox

#3 Super-quick message search

Running a rental inevitably requires back-and-forth between you and travelers, whether it’s to iron out the details of a stay or convert an inquiry into a booking. Scrolling through all these messages searching for just one can waste precious time (not to mention brain power). The TripAdvisor Inbox features an advanced search facility which allows you to type words and/or phrases to locate a message quickly and easily, saving you time.

Check out your Inbox

#4 Clever calendar pop-ups

How brilliant would it be to be able to see a booking overview from a monthly or annual calendar view? Your wish is our command! Your calendar has been extensively redesigned to make it easier to see your bookings at a glance. Simply click a date in your calendar and the booking details will appear. Fast, efficient and fuss-free.

Try it out!

#5 Stay signed in (and secure!)

With life in the digital age requiring way more numbers and passwords than the average human is capable of remembering, we’ve added a “stay signed in” feature to the dashboard. Select the check box and you won’t have to sign in each time you check your account. Concerned about security? We’ve added enhanced features to protect sensitive account information by pin code verification. After all, you can never be too careful with your personal data.

Choose to stay signed in

#6 More detail, less back-and-forth

The TripAdvisor Rentals dashboard now allows for a far more comprehensive and detailed description of your property. Add more detail and the traveler will have more information—which means they won’t need to ask you as many questions! Reduce the time you spend reading new inquiries and responding giving the same answers. If you’re noticing the same questions being asked again and again, add this information to your property description.

Adding more detail to your listing also makes it easier to maintain a high response rate – it’s easier to respond to fewer inquiries.

Edit your property description

#7 Set up your Welcome Pack

It can be a tedious and time-wasting process to give out the same check-in and check-out information to guest after guest, booking after booking. The Welcome Pack allows you to enter all the essentials every guest needs to know just once. This information is then emailed to every guest ahead of their booking, at just the right time. And don’t worry – all sensitive information (like door access codes or precise key locations) are only shared two days before check-in.

Set up your Welcome Pack

#8 Set quote expiry times

One of the best ways to convert inquiries into money-making bookings is to send a quote back when you reply. But if you’re in demand, one thing you don’t want to be doing is kicking your heels waiting for a traveler to accept your quote and pay. In your dashboard, you can choose how long a quote remains active after you send it, so you don’t waste time or—even worse—have to turn down another booking.

Update your quote settings 

We understand your time is precious (and almost always at a premium), so we hope these 8 time-saving tips will help run your rental more efficiently.

We’re constantly trying to make the TripAdvisor Rentals owner dashboard more efficient and effective at supporting your needs. Keep checking back here for the latest updates and improvements. Looking for more ways to improve your listing right now? Explore more resources.


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