7 New Year’s Rental-Resolutions for a Fantastic 2019

Jan 2, 2019 | Listing 101

If you’re thinking this is just your average New Year’s resolutions list, fear not! You won’t find any mention of hitting the gym or giving up your guilty pleasures here. This is all about what you can do to get the most from your vacation rental in 2019, from finishing off a few odd jobs to tweaking your listing.

Follow our tips and it’s a win-win for everyone: bookings are likely to increase and you’ll have some seriously happy guests on your hands.

1. If it’s broken, fix it.

Now’s the time to finish any maintenance jobs that you’ve been meaning to get around to. If it’s something major, pick an off-peak week and get the experts in. Minor jobs, like leaky taps, peeling wallpaper and damaged utilities, are usually very easy to sort out and can make all the difference to your guests’ experience.

Travelers will be expecting your rental to be in top condition so anything that’s not in order could lead to an unhappy guest (and a bad review!). While you’re at it, make sure your inventory matches what you actually have in your property and replace anything if necessary.

2. Install new facilities.

Maybe you’ve got a swing set in the garage that you’ve been meaning to put together. Or maybe that shiny-new coffee machine is still in its box. Install any new items so that your guests can enjoy using them as soon as possible. Don’t forget to mention these extras on your listing, as they might help to encourage travelers to book.

If you think your rental is missing something but can’t quite put your finger on it, spend the night there to get a guest’s-eye view. Also, take a look at the listings for other rentals in your area and see how yours stacks up.

3. Show it off.

Don’t forget to take photos of any new features or home improvements and add them to your listing. If you’ve recently had something extra special installed, such as a hot tub, you’ll be missing a trick if you haven’t got a picture of it. Equally, it would be a shame for your potential guests not to be wowed by your new bedroom décor or lounge seating, just because a new photo hasn’t been added.

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4. Go the extra mile.

Consider offering more in 2019 to see if it pays off. How about wowing your guests with welcome hamper full of local produce? Or maybe a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates could be waiting on the table when they arrive. Even just a basket of tea, coffee and snacks will lift a weary traveler’s spirits after a long journey. These extras can have a huge impact on the guests’ perception of you as a host, and can lead to rave reviews.

5. What’s new near you?

If there are some new attractions that have popped up in the area, such as a fantastic new restaurant, water park or museum, update your description. If you keep a welcome pack at your rental containing local tourist information leaflets, make sure these are recent. No one wants to turn up at a café on your recommendation to find out it’s closed down.

6. Reflect on your reviews.

Read through the reviews you’ve had in 2018 and use them to help you improve your offering. See if there are ways you can iron out any issues and make improvements. If several guests have commented on the same things, for example, “we love the garden but the outdoor table is too small for six” or, “it would have been nice to have blackout blinds in the bedroom”, now is the time to get things spot on for 2019.

If you don’t always respond to your reviews, it’s good to start getting into the habit, even if it’s just to say thank you. The response can be just as valuable as the review itself as it gives other travelers an insight into how you relate to your guests.

7. Are the rates right?

Make sure you’ve got your rates set for the coming year (and as far into the future as possible) so travelers can book. Consider setting yourself a reminder to check your rates every so often, so you never miss a booking.


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More ‘good habits’ for 2019…

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