12 Little Things to Keep Guests Happy (And Keep Them Coming Back!)

Jan 25, 2018 | Listing 101

What kind of review would make a rental owner or property manager glow with pride?

“We loved it so much we’ve already booked for next summer!”

Yep, that’d do it.

The review above was written by a guest who was so impressed with their experience that they booked again – right away. While that response is very gratifying for anyone with a passion for hospitality, it’s also great for business.

With all the competition out there, guests are only going to want to come back if they’re happy with every single aspect of their stay. We’ve created a list of 12 little things you can do to keep your guests happy – and increase the chances of them booking again!


#1 A welcome basket

Make a great first impression by giving your guests a selection of local treats and supplies. From breakfast snacks to a handwritten card saying hello, this gesture is undeniably one of the best ways to keep your guests happy right from the start of their stay.


#2 Provide a map of the area

Having a map on hand will help your guests get their bearings and find their way around the neighborhood. Better yet, if you’re onsite to welcome them, use the map to show them the best places to go and things to do nearby.

#3 Fresh flowers

Research confirms that fresh flowers have a positive effect on mood. Traveling can be stressful, so place a bouquet in the entrance to your home or on the kitchen table to enhance that feeling of relaxation when your guests arrive. You don’t have to break the bank, either – some simple wildflowers can be just as effective.


#4 Coffee and tea

Make sure your guests’ first morning goes smoothly by keeping a can of coffee or a few different types of tea in the cupboard. Just think how grumpy you get if you miss your first fix and you’ll realise it’s a low-cost way to deliver high-impact customer satisfaction.


#5 Mini toiletries

With airline restrictions, your guests might be limited when it comes to packing toiletries. They might even forget the basics like shampoo and toothpaste. Adding a few essential bathroom supplies goes a long way to making them feel welcome and looked after.

#6 Kids’ entertainment

When traveling with children, it’s impossible to pack all their favourite toys. Provide a small selection of children’s games, coloring books and crayons – just a few goodies like these will keep the kids entertained and let the parents enjoy some relaxation on their vacation. They’ll definitely thank you for it!


#7 Air fresheners

Fragrances can be mood enhancers, just like flowers. Place air fresheners around your home to keep areas like entryways and bathrooms smelling clean and fresh. It’s an easy way to help keep your guests happy.


#8 Extra blankets

Adding extra blankets in bedroom closets or living areas adds warmth, coziness and comfort to your rental. Whether your home is a snowy cabin retreat or a beachside paradise, guests love wrapping up under a blanket to talk into the small hours or watch the stars.


#9 Hangers in closets

One of the first things travelers will do is unpack. While they might not want to hang up every item in their suitcase, they’d certainly appreciate a few hangers for shirts and dresses, for example.

#10 Keep a stash of board games

Board games can be a great source of entertainment for families and big groups of guests when on vacation. Keep a stash of old favorites, and maybe a deck of cards too, so there’s always something to do.


#11 Fill a bookshelf with your favorite reads

Not only do books add a homely feel to your rental, they’re useful if a guest forgets their beach read or finishes it before the end of their trip. You could include a local travel guide or two so guests can read up on nearby attractions and places of interest.

#12 End with an invitation

One way to increase the chance of a return visit is so simple it’s often overlooked by owners and managers – invite the guest back! Phrases like “We’d love to see you again” or “You’re welcome back anytime” are great for this. If you have other rentals, be sure to tell your guests at the end of their stay. They might be interested in coming back, but in a different group size or for a different occasion.

If guests feel happy in your home, chances are they’ll want to come back. They’ll also want their friends and family to experience it, too. Don’t miss the opportunity to get guests re-booking – try the tricks above and see what a difference you could make!


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