Instant Book:

Say hello to the effortless online booking experience your guests want

How do I become Instant Bookable?

Instant Book is only available to listings that meet certain criteria. Currently, these are:

An Acceptance Rate of 70% or higher
A Cancellation Rate lower than 20%
→ At least 2 bookings in the last two years rolling
→ Listed on the free-to-list plan

If you’re eligible for Instant Book, you’ll see a toggle switch in your dashboard. Simply go to My Account, select “Online Booking Settings” and flick the switch to get started!

Instant Book: The Benefits

Here’s what makes this feature so valuable

Give travelers what they want

The fact is, travelers don’t want to wait to find out if their booking has been accepted. With Instant Book, they know the second they enter their payment details.

Improve your Acceptance Rate and appear higher in searches

Your Acceptance Rate is one of the factors that affects your position in traveler searches. Switch on Instant Book and it can go nowhere but up.

A flexible approach

Switch Instant Book on and off when it suits you, at the click of a button. Cutting admin might be a life-saver during peak season, and Instant Book gives you that flexible approach.

Reduce admin by automating your listings

Let Instant Book fill your calendar with reservations, leaving you to spend your time improving guest experience, requesting reviews or pursuing other initiatives to increase bookings.

Leave your listings online while you’re away

Away on vacation but don’t want to miss out on bookings? Relax and let Instant Book take care of it. You’ll return to new bookings on your calendar without having work affecting your time off.

No worries about when booking requests expire

The days of keeping an eye on the clock to make sure you accept bookings requests within 24 hours are long gone. With Instant Book, if the dates are available in your calendar, the booking is instantly confirmed (without you having to lift a finger).


At least 40% of travelers expect to book rentals instantly

Making Instant Book work for you

We’re always innovating to make Instant Book as attractive to owners as it is to travelers. Here are some of the tools available to ensure the best possible booking experience for you and your guests:

Availability Settings

How much notice do you need for last-minute bookings?
With this setting, you can select how much notice you need to get your rental ready for your guests. With this built in, you’ll never accept a booking without having the time you need to prepare.

How far in advance can travelers book a stay?
This setting allows you to choose how far in advance travellers can book your property.

[Coming soon] How much time do you need between bookings?
Here you can choose how much extra time you need to prepare before new guests arrive and block up to two nights before and after each booking.

Calendar Sync

Connect with other calendars (e.g. HomeAway, Airbnb & Google) so your availability is always up to date. Calendars currently sync 10 minutes for Instant Book listings and 15 minutes for non-Instant Book listings.

House Rules

Before booking, your guests will be required to read and agree to your house rules. So if you have specific requirements they need to be aware of (or if you can only accept certain types of traveler) this is the place to let them know.

Ready to switch to Instant Booking?

Instant Book Success

Learn why these owners and managers decided to enable Instant Book – and what that has done for their businesses.

How Instant Book Helped Jeffery Hill Quadruple His Bookings

As an attentive property manager, Jeffery noticed that the vacation rental industry was changing, moving more towards an Instant Book model. At first, he was hesitant to make his properties instantly bookable, citing the inability to vet guests before a confirmed booking as a top reason. But as the industry changed, so did his opinions. In 2017, Jeffery made the decision to enable Instant Book on his TripAdvisor listings.

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Why VacayHome Connect Made All Listings Instantly Bookable

In order to provide the best instant booking experience for their travelers, VacayHome Connect invested their time and resources in building to Tripadvisor’s Real Time Rates & Availability (RTR&A) and Reservation Export (ResX) APIs. This enabled them to automate almost every step of the traveler booking process, put them at 100% acceptance rate, increased their bookings by 103%, and made it possible for them to onboard all of their vacation rental inventory onto Tripadvisor.

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