10 Things You Should Include in Your Welcome Pack

Aug 16, 2018 | Guest Experience

One of the best things owners and property managers can do to help guests settle in is to provide a welcome pack. It’s great if you or your local representative can show guests around when they arrive. But it’s also useful to have a physical guide that guests can refer to during their stay.

We’ve put together some advice on what to include to make your welcome pack as useful for your guests as possible. Take a look…

1. Check-in/check-out times and instructions

Your welcome pack is the perfect place to remind guests about check-in and check-out times or instructions. You can also be more specific about what to do with linens or towels for example, if you provide these.

2. WiFi details

Connecting to the WiFi will probably be top of the list as soon as guests arrive, so make sure you provide the network name and password. Double-check you’ve got it right and be sure to update it if it changes.

3. Emergency contact numbers

In addition to providing a number to contact you (or your local representative) in case of questions or problems, a list of useful numbers can help give guests real peace of mind during their stay. 

  • Nearest hospital / emergency room
  • Police/fire department
  • Your property management company contact (if applicable)
  • Housekeeping / maintenance staff
4. Rental guidelines/house rules reminder

If you have any particular rules or guidelines for your rental–for example a reminder to keep the noise down after 10pm or that smoking isn’t permitted–add a section to your welcome pack to remind guests of these. Setting expectations from the start of the stay can help head off any problems and prevent misunderstandings.

5. Appliance instructions

If you have any complicated electronics–a TV that’s difficult to switch from cable to the DVD player or a thermostat that’s tricky to programme, for example–make sure you leave simple, step-by-step instructions for guests to follow. Write them in plain language (rather than just providing the standard manual for them to spend valuable vacation time deciphering).

6. Heating/hot water/AC instructions

When it comes to heating and air conditioning controls, every house is different! Be sure to give detailed instructions on how to change the temperatures or switch the systems on and off.

7. Inventory of supplies

This can be super useful for guests if they’re planning a trip to the grocery store the following morning. List out the items available in the rental–toilet paper, hand wash, dish soap, trash bags–so they know what they need to buy.


8. Local trash/recycling collections

Include information about when trash is collected and which bags guests need to use. If you have a recycling collection, be sure guests know which bags or bins to put which materials in.

9. Map of the local area

It’s simple, but a map of the local area or neighborhood is always useful to include in your welcome pack. It can help guests understand the geography and prepare to explore the area.

10. Street parking regulations

If your guests will need to park on the street during their stay, be sure to advise them of any parking charges or regulations. No one enjoys receiving a parking fine – especially when on vacation.

Looking to take your guest welcome to the next level? Check out our post on creating a guest guide book to really help your guests get local.


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