7 Things Guests (Nearly Always) Leave at Home

Feb 23, 2018 | Guest Experience

With a thousand and one things to do before going on vacation (like getting that project at work finished up, organising cat care, etc…) it’s all too easy to leave packing until the very last minute. And that means you usually end up forgetting something… and only remember when it’s too late to go back for it. Sigh.

But, this is where you—the experienced, always-a-step-ahead rental owner—can save the day! Supplying just a few everyday essentials will cater for all those things that might have slipped your guests’ minds. Your thoughtfulness will result in a happy guest keen to leave a glowing review. So, here’s a list of seven common things guests don’t always bring with them:

1 – Shampoo & conditioner

From falling foul of airline luggage restrictions to simply forgetting to check the shower before leaving the house, lots of guests find themselves minus shampoo and conditioner. Leaving a few complimentary mini bottles in your bathroom is a little touch that can go a long way. Not only will you be helping your guests out, you’ll add a hotel feel to your rental. Other toiletries that are often forgotten include body wash and antiperspirant, so include those too if you can.


2 – Toothbrush & toothpaste

The toothbrush has to be one of the most overlooked items in your daily routine. After all, when it comes to packing, it’s so easy to put it back in the holder instead of in your washbag. Fortunately, disposable toothbrushes don’t cost too much and make a nice addition to your guest experience. Add in some tiny tubes of toothpaste, too, and your guests will be all set for that freshly-brushed feeling.


3 – Phone charger

Tucked away in the nightstand or just left on the side, it can be so easy to remember the phone but forget the charger. No one wants to be worrying about how much battery they have left, or worse, wasting valuable vacation time finding someplace to buy one. Multiple chargers that work with most phones are relatively cheap to buy and can be a godsend for guests.


4 – Plug adapters

If you often welcome guests from different countries, keep a couple of plug adapters on hand (European three-pin to US two-pin, for example) to make sure your guests can plug in their devices. Not everyone will remember to bring these with them on vacation.


5 – Medical supplies

In all the excitement and anticipation of going on vacation, it’s easy to forget that you’re just as likely to get sick or injure yourself on vacation as at home. A simple headache can mean a missed afternoon of fun while active kids might well end up falling and grazing their knees. That’s why you should keep your rental well-stocked with medical supplies (for example, Advil, Band-Aids and antiseptic wipes). Easy way to make a difference to your guests’ trip in a way that helps them enjoy themselves.


6 – Bed linen

In most destinations, guests will expect rentals to supply bed linen during their stay. But that’s not the case everywhere. In some places, guests bring their own linen with them as standard. But either way, it’s always worth having spare blankets available in case of unseasonably cool nights. They’re also useful for stargazing late into the evening or snuggling up on the sofa on a winter getaway.


7 – A hairdryer

Hairdryers are big, bulky and take up waaaaaay too much suitcase space, so providing one can be a way to win big with your guests. Make sure you add it to the list of amenities on your listing so guests know if they need to consider bringing one with them. Don’t go mad – it doesn’t have to be the latest Dyson gadget to get guests feeling at home. Just something that’ll do the job while they’re on vacation.

Providing your guests with just a few thoughtful supplies is a great way to improve your guests’ experience and increase your chances of getting a great review.


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