Tripadvisor’s Free-to-list Plan

The most effective way for property managers and owners to list on the world’s largest travel site

Tripadvisor’s Free-to-list Plan

With our free-to-list plan, you gain global distribution across Tripadvisor Rentals and its family of international sites for free. With just 3% commission to pay on confirmed bookings, it’s a hassle-free way to reach more travelers and boost bookings.

million travelers per month


of travelers want to book online

Why Free-to-list?

Check out the features and benefits that Tripadvisor Rentals provides.

Receive bookings online

82% of Tripadvisor travelers say they want to be able to book online, hassle-free.

Zero upfront costs

All you pay is a 3% commission on confirmed bookings (deducted from the traveler’s payment).

490 million travelers per month

Reach the world’s largest community of travelers.

Instant Book

Be eligible for the effortless booking experience travellers now expect.

Certificate of Excellence

Be eligible for Tripadvisor’s official seal of approval, proven to encourage more travellers to book.*

Payment Protection

Give travelers peace of mind and even more confidence to book with you.

Choose your cancellation policy

From relaxed to super strict, choose your own level of protection in the event traveler cancellations.

Access 24/7 customer support

Dedicated account managers and customer support are on hand 24/7 to help with all booking queries.

Are you a property manager already listing with us?

Talk to your account manager today and learn even more about how you could benefit from our free-to-list plan.

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Make Free-to-list Work for You

Make taking bookings straightforward and easy to manage. Tripadvisor’s free-to-list program offers you advantages beyond a traditional subscription.

Communicate with travelers

Respond to inquiries easily via Tripadvisor’s system or the app and communicate with guests immediately once their booking is confirmed

Attract the right guests

Along with House Rules, tailor your listing to attract the guests you know are right for you

Add House Rules

Rules and conditions specific to your rental are displayed on your listing so potential guests know your requirements

Set your cancellation policy

Choose the level of protection you’re looking for, from relaxed to super strict

How it works

Tripadvisor Rentals makes it easy to take and manage bookings.

1. Travelers send you a booking request and you have 24 hours to accept or decline. After 24 hours, the booking request automatically expires.
2. Your guest has already entered their card or PayPal details and payment is taken as soon as you hit Accept.
3. You will receive the payment 24 hours after the guest checks in, either to your bank or PayPal account. The 3% commission is automatically deducted from each booking.
4. Continue to communicate with guests easily via our platform and access their contact details.


Do I need to use the Tripadvisor dashboard? You will receive email notifications for all inquiries and bookings, but you need to be logged into your Tripadvisor dashboard to communicate with and respond to travelers.

Can I contact travelers before they book? Traveler contact information will be masked until the booking is confirmed to make sure that all communications and transactions take place within Tripadvisor’s system. This is an important part of the Payment Protection policy we offer travelers. You must login to your Tripadvisor account to communicate and respond to travelers through your dashboard.

Will Tripadvisor bookings automatically appear in my property or reservation management instances? If your account is integrated with an external partner (a website, software, API, etc.), Tripadvisor bookings will not push booking details from Tripadvisor to your system. You’ll have to enter these manually into your system. Tripadvisor will, however, automatically block booked dates on all affiliated sites. Some software partners are able to use our new Reservation Export API, which pushes booking details to your software. Please reach out to your account manager at if you are unsure if this feature is available to you. Updated details about our current software partners and their level of integration can be founds here.

When do I receive payment for a booking? We hold all payments until 24 hours after your guest checks in. Once the payment is disbursed, it can take up to 3-5 business days to post in your bank account. Payments via PayPal usually arrive on the same day.
How do you calculate the 3% commission? The commission is 3% of your rent/fees and is not applied to the tax or refundable damage deposit, if applicable.
What happens if I need to cancel a booking? There is cancellation fee of up to $200 for any manager-initiated cancellations, so it is important to verify your rates and fees. This only applies to a booking that was confirmed by your team (for more details, please see our terms and conditions). If a traveler cancels their booking after they have paid in full, they’re subject to your chosen cancellation policy. If you have split payments, the traveler’s deposit is always considered non-refundable.  
Can potential guests still send inquiries? Yes, of course! If a traveler submits an inquiry, you will have the option to respond with a “quote” which will offer the traveler the option to make payment and confirm the booking, in which case your guest will receive an email to easily pay by credit card or PayPal.