Your Acceptance Rate: What It Is & Why It Matters

Aug 5, 2017 | Expert Advice

Picture the scene: you’re checking your emails and you see a booking request in your inbox. A traveler has looked at your listing and right off the bat decided they want to book. They’ve entered their credit card or PayPal details (ka-ching!) and, from their point of view, booked a vacation. There’s just one problem…you can’t accept it. Maybe your prices were wrong for that date. Maybe you forgot to update your calendar and you’re already booked. Whatever the reason, it’s a bad experience for the traveler.

Here is how your acceptance rate is calculated

Your acceptance rate is simply the percentage of booking requests you accept. To work it out, we take the most recent booking requests you’ve received (up to a maximum of 20) and look at how many of them you’ve accepted/edited. We then calculate a percentage as shown below: For example:

  • Booking requests received (max 20): 16
  • Booking requests accepted/edited: 12
  • Acceptance rate calculation: (12/16) x 100 = 75
  • Acceptance rate: 75%

Acceptance Vs. Response Rate: What’s The Difference?

Acceptance rate is not the same as your response rate, which is the percentage of inquiries and booking requests you reply to (whether that’s with a quote or a message). Acceptance rate is a measure of how many booking requests you accept. Response rate is a measure of how many inquiries or booking requests you respond to. This could be replying to a traveler’s inquiry or accepting or declining a booking request. Learn more about response rate.

When my acceptance rate is good...

If you almost always accept booking requests, two awesome things happen:


  • Your listing appears higher up the search results so more travelers see it
  • Your satisfied guests leave positive reviews which generate more bookings

When my acceptance rate is low...

If you continually decline booking requests or let them expire, it can affect your listing negatively:


  • Your listing appears lower in the search results so fewer travelers see you
  • Your calendar is automatically updated to ‘unavailable’ when a booking request expires
  • You’ll disappoint lots of travelers, and won’t qualify for a Certificate of Excellence
  • Your listing could be deactivated

How can I improve my acceptance rate?

There are several easy ways to up your acceptance rate and keep travelers happy. Here are the top 5:


Sync your calendar

Keep it current so you never double-book. Learn more about calendar sync here.

Check your prices

Make sure they’re accurate so travelers always see the correct price when sending you a book request.


Accept or decline

Dont reply with a message, as it doesn’t county as a response.


Take your listing offline

If you be unable to respond for more than 24 hours, we recommend taking your listing offline temporarily. Or you can enable Instant Book, which takes out the hassle of accepting bookings manually.

Download the owner app

Our app is designed specifically for managing your listings and bookings on the go. Many owners say using the mobile is useful for managing bookings. The app is available for iPhone and Android.

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