Why Try A Long-Term Winter Rental?

Sep 3, 2015 | Expert Advice, Listing 101

This is a guest post from homeowner Rowena, who rents out her home on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and lists with TripAdvisor. She will regularly share her experiences on managing and running a vacation rental. Here, she gives us valuable insight into how she’s trying to fill her home with travelers over the winter months.

“Attractive two-bedroom modern and stylish vacation home, seeking loyal guest for long-term winter rental and fun in the sun…”

This summer season was our best yet, with some great guest reviews and the promise of repeat bookings for next year. Our Cyprus home is booked so far right up until the end of October.

But we haven’t yet secured any bookings for the winter season, and I think a lot of travelers don’t realize that winter in Cyprus can be wonderful. There are mild, sunny days and sometimes even really hot, summer-like days. Many restaurants nearby stay open and the milder temperatures mean visitors can discover and explore the island more comfortably.

Cyprus has some incredible places to visit, with stunning scenery and amazing views. There are UNESCO World Heritage Sites (practically on our doorstep), harbors to wander along, vineyards to go wine tasting at and mountains to climb. The nearby Asprokremmos Reservoir is perfect for those who like fishing and our home is surrounded by superb 18-hole golf courses, including Aphrodite Hills and the Nick Faldo designed Elea Golf Resort.

Wildlife and nature are abundant and the island’s history, myths and legends make it feel almost magical, no matter the time of year. You can even go skiing in January and February, as there is a small ski resort with a number of ski lifts just over an hour’s drive away.

What’s not to love? That’s why we’ve decided to try and secure a long-term rental guest over the winter. After all, if you’re retired or lucky enough that you don’t have to work, it’s the perfect place to stay. So, how are we going to find our guest for the winter months?

Reduce Our Price

For a long-term rental we need to reduce our rate. We won’t need to charge a changeover fee, and we’re aiming for a guest who wants to stay at our home for over a month. However, we also need to be aware that in winter, the nights can get cold, so we’ll factor in all electricity costs – including heating – as we want our rate to be inclusive of bills. Therefore, we have reduced our rate to $1,150 per month, bills included. Plus, there is no extra charge if they have any visitors staying for a short period. We want the winter guest to feel that the home is theirs for the full duration of their stay.

Add Incentives

Our price for winter long-term rentals will also include Wi-Fi and we will ask our Wi-Fi supplier to switch on Sky UK TV channels. This will be an extra charge for us but not for our guests as it’s inclusive in the rental price.

Update Our Listing

I’m going to include information in the property description about why our home is suitable for winter rentals, promote what there is to do in the area and include weather information for winter months. I’ll also update the text that appears next to the photo on the search results page so it’s really clear that we’re now taking long-term winter rentals.

Our photo gallery will be getting a refresh too so it includes some winter images, helping to set the scene.

Social Media

We have a Facebook page and Twitter account for our Cyprus vacation home, and I plan on utilizing both channels. Not just manual tweets but also trying Facebook ads to attract potential guests.


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