The All-New Tripadvisor Owner App

Introducing The Latest Owner App Updates

The team here at Tripadvisor Rentals has been working hard to make our Owner App an even more effective tool for managing listings and bookings. The latest updates have delivered an app that’s faster and more responsive. Not only that, new functionality means you’ll have all the features of your regular dashboard right at your fingertips – wherever you are.

From the first-time host listing their home to the professional rental manager with a portfolio of properties, the app enables owners to respond instantly, accept bookings and update listings on the go.
Today’s traveler expects a quick and smooth online booking experience. With the app, all owners can provide this effortlessly. Here, we’ll take you through the app’s new and improved features while showing you how it could be your secret weapon in achieving more bookings with less effort.

A faster, more intuitive experience

We’ve all experienced that sense of frustration when technology just can’t keep up. We talked to Roger Lu, our app aficionado here at Tripadvisor Rentals, about how the latest updates to the app are resulting in a faster and more intuitive experience.

He explained that in the last year, they’ve been working on making the app primarily “native”. We asked him what that means for owners and managers using it.

“It brings huge performance improvements. The pages load faster and interaction with the app is much more responsive.”
Roger Lu

Tripadvisor Rentals App Guru

Sounds good, Roger. As more and more features of the app are built in this way, the experience will continue to improve for owners and managers wanting to achieve more in less time.
“The Inbox, Conversation page, Calendar and My Listings are faster and more responsive now. And we have a new Profile page coming soon which will join them.”
Roger Lu

Tripadvisor Rentals App Guru

So what can you do on the app?

Essentially, everything you can do on your desktop or tablet! When the app was first launched in 2015, there were limitations – you couldn’t set or edit rates, for example.

But now, virtually all the features available in the desktop owner center are also available on the app: set rates, send quotes, update your calendar and more!

5 Benefits Enjoyed by App Users

The ways using the app can benefit owners and managers is extensive, but here are five to get you started:

  • Message guests with ease (make back-and-forth with guests quicker and more manageable)
  • Respond quicker (owners who respond within 6 hours are twice as likely to turn an inquiry into a booking!)
  • Get instant updates (push notifications alert you to all new messages, inquiries and bookings)
  • Upload and manage photos (available now on Android, coming soon for Apple)
  • Access all your dashboard features
Many owners are already enjoying the flexibility and convenience delivered by the app:

“The app is essential, especially if you’re away for the weekend or not near your PC or tablet. And now, there’s more functionality and it’s growing all the time.” Peter Connolly, Northern Ireland

More features and improvements

The team is always developing solutions to make the app a better tool for our property owners and managers. Here’s a sneak peek at the new features you can expect to see over the coming months:

  • A new profile and statistics page will display details about you and your performance on your listing page
  • An updated conversation page will make communication with guests and travelers even easier
  • Enable and disable Instant Book right from the app
  • More design updates will streamline the user experience and make it more intuitive
  • Apple users will soon be able to upload and manage their listing photos
  • More native pages will deliver an even more responsive experience

To sum up, the Tripadvisor Rentals Owner App allows all owners and managers to respond to the changing demands of 21st-century travelers. Don’t have it? You’re missing out! Download it for Apple or Android, today.

Get started with the app today!

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