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As the vacation rental season shifts into high gear, it’s time to take a closer look at what travelers want from their perfect rental. From little touches to bigger projects, we’ve gathered 9 simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to meet (and exceed) your guests’ expectations.

Some are quick wins while others might require a little more investment. But tick off as many as you can, and you’ll be in for your busiest booking season yet when travellers see what you’re offering. You’ll also reap the rewards when it comes to reviews. Take a look…

TripAdvisor Rentals’ 9 Simple Things for the Perfect Rental

A welcome basket

A welcome basket

Nothing says “Welcome!” like a basket full of goodies. Guests love this little touch – it gets their stay off to a great start and can turn an average review into an excellent one. Include the basics (like something for breakfast on their first morning) until your guests have chance to go grocery shopping.

Make it a surprise for added wow-factor or mention it in your listing to encourage more people to book… Either way, it’s a quick win.

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Simple to install and pretty much expected by guests, Wi-Fi is now a vacation rental must-have. But don’t think this amenity is just for entertainment: your guests might want to look up a nearby restaurant on TripAdvisor or check an attraction’s opening times for the next day. Wi-Fi enhances guest experience beyond simply checking Facebook.


Local Recommendations

Give your guests the benefit of your local knowledge by recommending the best local spots for food, drink and entertainment. This personal approach makes a huge difference to their experience. Don’t live nearby? Not a problem! You can email guests with your favourites or print out recommendations and add them to a folder to leave at the property.

Areas to socialize

You don’t need a pad the size of Buckingham Palace to create great spaces to socialise. From snuggle seats for two in a cozy TV room to decked patios with loungers or fire-pits for a group to gather round, guests love having comfortable places to relax.

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Fresh towels

It’s as straightforward as it sounds – provide fresh towels for your guests! For one thing, it means they’ll have more space when packing. For another, it adds a hotel-style touch which goes a long way to creating a boutique experience (especially if you arrange them nicely at the end of the bed).

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Complimentary toiletries

It’s crazy, but we all know just how much we enjoy the tiny bottles of shampoo and shower gel that await us in hotel rooms. Why not add this touch of hospitality to your rental? They’re relatively cheap to buy and help make your guests feel special. Achieve that and an excellent review is sure to follow.

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Outside seating

Not possible in every vacation rental, sure. But if you have even the smallest bit of outdoor space, make the most of it by adding some seating! A couple of deck chairs on the porch, a chair and table out on a balcony, some simple garden furniture… it’s an easy way to create another space for your guests.

An owner/manager who’s available

This doesn’t mean living on site and waiting outside the door to see if your guests need anything… That would be a bit creepy. It’s about simply letting them know you’re on hand should any problems arise. Make sure they have your cell phone number or better yet, if you’re not on site to meet them, send them a virtual welcome via text message.

A fully-stocked kitchen

Depending on how long your guests are staying, you can stock the fridge with everything they might need. Include the essentials to get them started, and why not include some local delicacies to give them a flavour of the area? And as soon as guests start mentioning this in reviews, you’re sure to see an uplift in bookings.

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