The Secrets To Winning A Certificate Of Excellence

Jun 2, 2017 | Expert Advice

At TripAdvisor Rentals, we’re focused on helping you build your rental business and, ultimately, succeed. That’s why we’ve launched our Certificate of Excellence program—to give you an accolade that reflects (and celebrates!) all your efforts. And the best part? We’re now awarding the Certificate of Excellence twice a year, so you’ll soon have another chance to win!

So, here’s how to make it happen. Using data, we’ve compiled a comprehensive lowdown on the response and acceptance rates to aim for, the tools winners use to make their lives easier and much, much more. We’re rooting for you!

The Basics: Response & Acceptance Rates

Certificate of Excellence winners have an average response rate of 99%. What does this mean exactly? Well, our top owners respond to inquiries 99% of the time.

They also have an average acceptance rate of 97%, meaning they accept as many booking requests as possible within 24 hours. FYI, keeping your acceptance rate above 90% means higher placement in search results and more bookings. Sounds good, right?

Lastly, Certificate of Excellence winners have an average response time of two hours. By replying to traveler inquiries, they get ahead of the competition and give themselves the best chance of turning it into a booking. Boom!

Insider tip: To keep their metrics high, 75% our top owners use the app to respond and accept bookings on the go, wherever they are in the world. No time? No problem. Our new and improved app makes managing your rental business a breeze. Download it for free, today!

“The app is really useful when it comes to responding… if I’m at work, or out, or anything! The prices are all already loaded, so it’s just a matter of sending the quote.” – Craig Mackay, Certificate of Excellence winner, Spain

Oh, and if apps aren’t your thing, you can always get free SMS alerts sent directly to your phone! Simply go to your owner dashboard > Contact Settings.

Next Up: Reviews

Reviews, the holy grail of TripAdvisor Rentals. Certificate of Excellence winners have an average of six reviews per winning listing, and an average review score of 4.8. Want to up your review game? With our new reciprocal reviews program, it’s never been easier.

Insider tip: You can request reviews from past guests, even if they didn’t book through the TripAdvisor platform. All you need to do is enter their email address by going to Reviews in your owner dashboard.

“To get great reviews, we send the automatic email from TripAdvisor Rentals to our guests. We also include a note in our guest welcome pack, asking them to leave us a review. It all helps!” – Gavin Price, Certificate of Excellence winner, Cyprus

Last But Not Least: Your Calendar

Certificate of Excellence winners keep their calendars up-to-date, always. But rather than spending ages manually updating their availability, they save time by syncing their calendar. And you can, too!

Go to your Calendar, click Connect a calendar, select the type of calendar you want to import (e.g. Airbnb, HomeAway, Google) and follow the simple instructions. It takes seconds and will save you hours. Genius!

“Keeping our calendar completely up-to-date has been key to our success.”  – Karen Hudson, Certificate of Excellence winner, UK



To summarize, Certificate of Excellence winners:

  • Always respond quickly. Within two hours, to be exact.
  • Have an updated calendar, allowing them to accept 97% of the bookings they receive
  • Love reviews! They have six per listing, with an average score of 4.8.
  • Use the app, A LOT.
  • Secure bookings by responding with a quote, 70% of the time.


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