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Listing 101

New host? Discover vacation rental tips on how to create the perfect listing, focusing on the basics – from how to use the TripAdvisor Rentals platform to time-saving tricks. Seasoned vacation rental owner? Get a refresher on the importance of the basics, such as response and acceptance rates.

Expert Advice

Vacation rental tips brought to you by the world’s largest travel community. Get advice from experienced rental owners— vacation rental professionals who’ve been in the business for years— as well as TripAdvisor best practices, backed up by years and years of travel data and analysis.

Ever wish you could read a traveler’s mind and discover exactly what could get them to find and book your property? Listing Strength from TripAdvisor Rentals helps you do just that.

TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence has been the mark of quality for hotels and attractions worldwide since 2010. Now, it’s available for our very best rentals.

Guest Experience

In this section of TripAdvisor’s vacation rental blog, understand what guests are expecting from the moment they book your rental. Get advice on how to tailor your rental to each of your guests and keep them coming back for years.


Now you’ve created the perfect listing, it’s time to market it to TripAdvisor’s hundreds of millions of travelers. It’s easier than you think! Discover all the vacation rental resources you’ll need to develop a brand for your rental, rise above your competition and create that all-important guest loyalty.

Top Listing Destinations

Do you own a rental in one of the top listing destinations? These destinations have the highest demand and highest earning potential for TripAdvisor rental owners. Get stats on how much you could earn, how to prepare for peak season, and what kind of vacation experience guests traveling to these destinations are looking for.