9 Fun Home Products That Your Vacation Guests Will Love

Mar 12, 2015 | Guest Experience

Savvy homeowners and property managers know that a great guest experience goes beyond the reservation process.


Renting out your home to vacationers isn’t a set-it-and-forget deal. There’s continuous upkeep to the house, being available if guests have questions or need recommendations, and ensuring that what they’re expecting is what they’re getting. Nothing can ruin your vacation home mojo like a negative review, after all.


Pictures, descriptions and amenities speak for themselves, but adding a few quirky, thoughtful products shows you’re dedicated to providing the best time possible for your renters during their vacation.

Many TripAdvisor reviews often rave about specific “extras” or thoughtful items that the home included.

Whether you’re hosting a family, group of friends, or a couple honeymooners, you want your home to be one of the most memorable aspects of their getaway. Here’s 20 awesome home products that your guests will love.



ToastyMUG by Sabrina Fossi



Image courtesy of SabrinaFossi.com

Studies show that 65% of Americans drink coffee with breakfast. There’s nothing like starting the day with a warm cup of joe on the porch, gazing at the mountain view,  sunrise or whatever wondrous sight your destination offers. Enter the ToastyMUG. Elegantly designed, not only does it comfortably fit in two hands, but it keeps ’em warm too!

Frozen Concoction Maker by Margaritaville



Image courtesy of MargaritavilleCargo.com]


If renting out your home in a warm-weather destination, guests may want to cool down with a refreshing drink on the balcony or by the pool. Nothing says “island vacation” like a frozen margarita. You know how the saying goes – it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

StriimLIGHT by AwoX

striim-light-awox Image courtesy of AwoX.com.

The modern vacationer loves technology. But not the kind that requires a manual and hours of setup time. This bluetooth-enabled lightbulb doubles as a speaker, which connects to your smartphone for music control. Scatter a few of these around your home and your guests won’t stop grooving.

Instant Mobile Printer by Polaroid

Polaroid-Zip-Instant-Mobile-Printer Image courtesy of Polaroid.com.

Vacations are about the memories. No better way to capture them than with photos that last a lifetime. The Instant Mobile Printer lets your guests turn that photo album on their smartphone into real polaroid-style images. Here’s an idea: hang each of your travelers’ pictures on the wall and encourage every guest, family, or group to leave a fun photo. That’s the type of thoughtfulness that will stay with them long after they’ve returned home.


Underwater Light Show by GAME


game-underwater-light-show Image courtesy of Game-Group.com.

Take night swimming to a whole new level. Often vacationers can get beach’d out, and that’s when the pool comes into play. These disco-esque lights will illuminate the water with bright colors, providing a vibrant atmosphere for outdoor partying or just a great photo opportunity for the kids.


iJoy Massage Chair by Human Touch


ijoy_massage-chair Image courtesy of HumanTouch.com.

Some vacations are packed with daily adventures, trips, attractions or other exhausting activities. The comforts of your living room are vital to your guests’ satisfaction when they get home from a long day of sightseeing. This massage chair from Human Touch is affordable and adds that extra oomph to the in-home experience.

Bonus: Children’s Products for Family Guests

These three home products are all aimed at youngsters. Parents are well-versed in challenges of getting kids to bathe or brush their teeth, and it’s even harder when you add in the excitement of a holiday. These fun add-ons make it easier to get little Billy clean.



Moby Spout Cover by Skip Hop


Image courtesy of SkipHop.com.


Ducky Faucet Extender by Aqueduck


Image courtesy of PeachyCo.com.

Flo Bubble Bath Dispenser by Boon

Boon-Flo-Water-Deflector-Bubble-Bath-Dispenser Image courtesy of BoonINC.com.

Featured image is courtesy of Wicker Paradise on Flickr.

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