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Odessa Car Rentals

Same drop offDifferent drop off
Pick up
Sep 27
10:00 AM
Drop off
Sep 28
10:00 AM
Driver's age
Cheap rental cars in Odessa
From $30/day
4 seats 2 bags
From $32/day
5 seats 5 bags
From $34/day
4 seats 2 bags
From $35/day
5 seats 3 bags
From $45/day
5 seats 2 bags
From $47/day
5 seats 2 bags
Advertised prices are the best daily rates found by our customers during the last two weeks. Prices subject to change and may not include additional fees.

Odessa rental car information

Average Rental Car CostCheapest Rental Car PriceMost Popular Rental TypeLowest Price Rental Company
$61Nissan Micra ($21 per day)SUVUnited ($21 per day)
FAQs about renting a car in Odessa
What is the average cost to rent a car in Odessa?
The average cost to rent a car in Odessa is $61 per day.
What is the cheapest price for a rental car in Odessa?
The cheapest rental car in Odessa is Nissan Micra ($21 per day).
What is the most popular rental car type in Odessa?
SUV is the most booked rental car type in Odessa
Which car rental companies have the lowest priced rental cars in Odessa?
United has the cheapest rental car rate in the next 14 days. Nissan Micra $21 per day
Which rental car companies offer services in Odessa?
Car rental companies that service Odessa are United, Budget, and Sixt

Find the best rental car deals in Odessa

Renting a car in Odessa is a must if you want to fully explore in and around the city. There’s a lot of things to do and places to see in Odessa. Renting a car gives you the flexibility to drive to a nearby city or attraction outside of Odessa.

With TripAdvisor, you can rent all types of vehicles in Odessa. We offer economical standard cars, sporty convertibles, family-friendly minivans, and comfortable SUVs. By leveraging the world’s largest rental car booking service and searching all major rental brands, we help you find the lowest rental car prices available. We offer comprehensive coverage of over 60,000 locations worldwide.

What you need to know when renting a car in Odessa

  • You can pick up your vehicle at any rental car location in Odessa or at the airport.
  • Make sure you compare deals across all major rental car brands - there are dozens to choose from in Odessa.
  • Major rental car providers include Hertz, National, Enterprise, Alamo and Avis, but Odessa also offers other rental car brands.
  • Reserve early to get the best-priced rental car for your trip to Odessa.

Tips for renting a car in Odessa

  • Join a loyalty rewards program with a car rental company so you can earn points to use towards perks. Joining is typically free-of-charge.
  • Look for Odessa car rental locations outside the airport as prices usually include a kiosk fee at the airport.
  • Consider taking a taxi or rideshare from the airport to an offsite location. Taxes and fees are based on where you pick up your rental car, not where you drop off.
  • Ask about discounts for AARP. AAA, military, or corporate. When flying to Odessa, check with the airline for reward programs that include discounts at car rental companies.
Teatralnaya Square
Teatralnaya Square
312 Reviews
Odessa, Ukraine
Primorsky Boulevard
Primorsky Boulevard
781 Reviews
Odessa, Ukraine
Deribasovskaya Street
Deribasovskaya Street
1,369 Reviews
Odessa, Ukraine
Monument to L. Utesov
Monument to L. Utesov
170 Reviews
Odessa, Ukraine