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Folkestone, United KingdomJoined in May 2008
I'm Scott, 27, from Kent in the United Kingdom. I like to visit as many different locations as I can not just to say I've been there but to experience many different things. I have been to the same place several times before but this was for business or for family vacations when I was younger. I just like experiencing things that I don't at home. My theory is - do as much as you can, as different as you can when at home. It's nice to see the odd city or country that's the same as home but if this is all you do then why bother? You may as well go down the beach in your home town for the day, or just go shopping to your local city. It's for this reason I've been to several places in the USA, Egypt, Singapore, Australia, Several places in Africa, North Korea and Central America, among many others, and am looking at visiting The Stans in Central Asia for my next vacation in the next couple of years. If you want to ask more about places I've been then send me a message! :)