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Best Romantic Vacations - Africa & the Middle East

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1Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Red Sea and Sinai, Egypt
The dramatic coastline of Na'ama Bay on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula makes a stunning backdrop for a romantic escape. Enticing Sharm el Sheikh is crammed with activities perfect for two, whether you prefer peaceful beach interludes and luxurious resorts or hot nightlife, thrilling dives and camel trekking.
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    • Beaches & Sun
      Sharm El Sheikh
      Beckoning alluringly from the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, the clear, calm waters and dramatic reefs around Sharm el Sheikh offer spectacular snorkeling and scuba diving. Ras Mohammed National Park contains sensational Red Sea dive sites, considered some of the best in the world.
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2Casablanca, Grand Casablanca Region, Morocco
Its very name synonymous with love, coastal Casablanca makes for an alluring choice of romantic destination. Although today Casablanca is a large, modern city, the former French colonial post still allows myriad movie moments for those who want to revisit Bogart and Bergman’s love in the medina and Old City.
This outstandingly romantic archipelago of 115 islands sits in the Indian Ocean just northeast of Madagascar. A marvelous abundance of intimate hotels and resorts may entice you to stay within, but the Seychellois beaches, rainforest and coral islands are sure to coax you out to explore together.
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    • Beaches & Sun
      This Indian Ocean group of 100+ islands is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches, including the popular white powder of Beau Vallon on Mahe and Anse Lazio on Praslin. The stunning pink sands and boulders of Anse Source d'Argent on La Digue lead many to call it the most gorgeous beach on earth.
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4Lamu Island, Coast Province, Kenya
Far from the distractions of modern life, remote Lamu basks in the Indian Ocean, a jewel of a romantic destination set in deep blue waters. Explore them at sunset on a dhow boat trip or by snorkeling with dolphins. White sand dunes roll to the island's edge, while coconut and mango plantations abound inland.
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    • Beaches & Sun
      Lamu Island
      Tropical Kenyan archipelago Lamu makes for a blissful beach escape. Cobalt waters lap against the dramatic, rolling, white sand dunes that hem the island. Wade in to the refreshing waters and explore astounding snorkeling opportunities through coral reef that surrounds diminutive Kiwayu Island.
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