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Popular Family Fun Vacations - Caribbean
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Bahamas, Caribbean, North America

The Bahamas offers families 700 islands of fun, sun and nature. Marvel at the tropical wildlife, plunder away at Pirates in the Bahamas, or explore the Adventure Learning Centre's petting farm, planetarium and nature trail. Of course, there are always relaxing beaches for family fun.

Dominican Republic, Caribbean, North America

Experience the Caribbean and get back to nature in the Dominican Republic. Families can swim with sea lions, dolphins--or sharks for the truly adventurous--at Ocean World, or go into the tropical island jungle on a Jeep safari.

Aruba, Caribbean, North America

Clear waters and great weather are merely two of Aruba's draws. A smorgasbord of activities, from snorkeling to banana boating, entertains families above and below the waves, while jeep safari and quadracer tours are offered inland. A glimpse of the island's personality and past can be viewed at the Aruba Panorama.

Puerto Rico, Caribbean, North America

Rich with history, Puerto Rico offers countless sightseeing and learning opportunities for the entire family. Visit El Faro--a 316-acre ecological reserve, shop Fortaleza Street, tour the Mayaguez Zoo or visit the largest radio telescope in the world at the Arecibo Observatory.

St Martin / St Maarten, Caribbean, North America

The island of Saint Maarten/Saint Martin offers twice the international flavor of a single vacation. Swim in the calm, clear waters of Le Gallion or Pinel Island beaches, hike through rain forest-like landscapes at Loterie Farm, or chase fluttering, colorful creatures at the Butterfly Farm.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Caribbean, North America

Everyone is a kid again in Grand Cayman. Ride a submarine, visit Stingray City on a glass bottom boat, walk the plank or join a sword fight on The Jolly Roger replica, or enjoy the safety of snorkeling and the experience of scuba diving when you snuba.

Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean, North America

From the world-famous beaches of St. John's to the megaliths of Greencastle Hill, Antigua offers families both adventure and relaxation. Swim in clear waters, build sand castles and explore ancient geological formations, petroglyphs, nature trails and plantation ruins.

Turks and Caicos, Caribbean, North America

A small archipelago of adventure and relaxation awaits your family at Turks and Caicos. Go whale-watching, take a glass bottom boat to see iguanas running on the beaches of Little Water Cay, visit the popular Caicos Conch Farm or cool off in calm and shallow Sapodilla Bay.

Bermuda, Caribbean, North America

The real Bermuda triangle comprises pink beaches, inspiring marine life and family fun. Even on rainy days, kids love the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo and its 140,000-gallon replica of a living coral reef, as well as the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute's shipwrecks, artifacts and shark cage.

St. Kitts, St. Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean, North America

Looking for a peaceful family vacation on a mosquito-free island? Then look to St. Kitts. Sunbathe and swim on long stretches of pristine beaches, tour lava formations and tropical forests, visit the massive Brimstone Hill Fortress, or ride the Sugar Express.

Jamaica, Caribbean, North America

Whether petting crocodiles, feeding hummingbirds or bobbing down the Rio Grande on a bamboo raft as calypso bands play bankside, families can have a wonderfully wild time in laid-back Jamaica. Adventurous souls can hike by waterfalls and coffee plantations, clamber up Dunn's River Falls, or splash and sun on glistening beaches.

U.S. Virgin Islands, Caribbean, North America

Teeming with appealingly priced family resorts and with a smorgasbord of natural wonders just waiting to be explored, the three lively U.S. Virgin Islands offer plenty of thrills both above and below the waves. This popular tourism spot in the Caribbean is friendly, fun, safe and sunny.

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