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Pico and Killington

Two big Green Mountain peaks with an optional mountain bike descent.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 8 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Ok, perhaps this is considered "technically" cheating when it comes to bagging both these peaks because you will use a mountain bike... more »

Tips:  Parking Lot:
Sherbourne Pass Trailhead off Route 4 is just past the Pico ski area heading east from Rutland, VT. It is just beyond... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Sherbourne Pass Trailhead

This used to be the Long Trail and AT crossing over Rt. 4 but it got moved slightly to the west to accomodate a Pico Ski Area expansion that still hasn't happened. You'll follow this trail up through the woods past the start of the alpine slides to an access road to the top of Pico along the ski trails. Still free to park here.

2. Top of the Alpine Slide

Here is the top of the alpine slide. It's just in the woods off the carraige road you will be ascending.

3. Top of Pico

You are at the top of 3,957' Pico Peak. Although it is not an official member of the Northeast 111ers official peak list it's still a pretty big mountain! Check out the top of the lift and the summit buildings before looking east along the tree line for a herd path that will lead down to the Cooper Lodge and an access road leading towards... More

4. Cooper Lodge

The Cooper Lodge and the access road towards Killington. You'll be on this just for a short ways before ducking back into the woods. Look to your left as you descend for the trail entering the woods again along the ridge. Remember, you want to stay high on the ridge so if you find yourself descending steeply in a little ways you've probably... More

5. Summit of Killington

At 4,241' you are at the summit of Killington. You'll have 360 degree views from the summit rocks at the top, only obscured by some nearby radio towers. Follow the clear path east down from the summit towards the top of the gondola line.

6. Bike Pick-Up

Pick up your bike here, check out your trail map and pick your poison for a descent back down to the base of Killington. If you have time go over to the deck of the nearby lodge and gondola deck to get a good look at what you are about to ride.