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H Street: Washington, D.C. Walk

Check out D.C.'s newest neighborhood hot spots.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Half day

Overview:  Washington, D.C. may have been the world’s first planned capital, but it’s a city that continues to grow, with neighborhoods, and even... more »

Tips:  To avoid crowds, go to the Smithsonian museums on holidays.

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Points of Interest

1. Atlas Performing Arts Center

Beyond the throwback façade and ticket window, visitors find a sophisticated lobby worthy of cocktail parties. The Atlas Theater was originally built in 1938 by the Kogod-Burka movie chain, the same company which built Cleveland Park’s Uptown Theater. Ascend the stairs to the two theaters, which have comfortable seating, an oversized screen, and a... More

2. Granville Moore’s

For Belgian beer and gastropub grub, Granville Moore’s has become a staple in the H Street NE neighborhood (also known as the Atlas District) The dark and narrow dining room creates a snug ambiance in this retrofitted two-level terrace house. Chefs Teddy Folkman, Maria Evans, and Mike Lunsford serve usual Belgian fare: moules and frites (mussels... More

3. Industry Gallery

Tax attorney Craig Appelbaum doubles as a gallerist: upstairs from H Street’s pioneering Conner Contemporary Art, he exhibits far-out installations by cutting-edge artists such as Shlomo Harush and Nacho Carbonell.

1358 Florida Ave. N.E.
Washington, D.C.
United States

(202) 399-1730

4. Taylor Gourmet

A local chain with eateries in D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, this deli channels the City of Brotherly Love with its hoagies and sandwiches—all its sandwiches are named after streets in Philadelphia. Located next to the Capital Bikeshare station, the Atlas District outpost of Taylor Gourmet attracts lines at lunch with its easy online ordering... More