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Pilsko from Sedlo Hliny

Cruising the Ridge of Oravske Beskydy up to Pilsko Summit
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 8.14 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview:  Visit the second highest mountain of Orava Beskids (SK - Oravské Beskydy, PL - Żywiec Beskids) while hiking on the border between... more »

Tips:  You may undertake the trip even when it is drizzling. In that case you will possibly have to sacrifice gorgeous top views and be ready... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Sedlo Hliny (784 m)

Start your trip at Sedlo Hliny (PL: Przełęcz Glinne) or Hliny Saddle. Leave your car at the paid parking lot.

Next POI (The Fork) is 2.9 km. Head W. Eenter the forest trail. It will be a long, rather steep ascent.

2. The Fork (1128 m)

Once you reach the fork, just take notice of this spot. It is an inconspicuous point. Here you will come again but from another pathway upon completing a loop. Get ready for the most difficult ascent part.

Next POI (Pilsko razcestie) is 1.91 km. Continue W, first through the woods. Step by step, you may catch nice views of the surrounding... More

3. Pilsko razcestie (1527 m)

Pilsko razcestie (Pilsko Crossroads) is a significant crossroads with a large signpost.

Next POI (Pilsko) is 415 m. A gentle ascent SW through the dwarf mountain pine trail will lead you to Pilsko.

4. Pilsko (1557 m)

Now you are standing at the highest point of your journey. Pilsko mountain is the second highest peak of Orava Beskidi. Enjoy wonderful panoramic views, especially of Babia hora (1725 m) mountain in the east, the highest peak of Orava Beskids. Hopefully, you will be luckier than the author of this guide who experienced just a dense fog and drizzle... More

5. Schronisko na Hali Miziowej (1330 m)

Have a rest at the Schronisko na Hali Miziowej (Hali Miziowej Hut) in Poland.

Start the return part of the trip by heading back to the Fork but taking another pathway. It will be through a forest trail. The Fork (POI 2) is 2.56 km. The trailhead (POI 1) from the fork (POI 2) is about 3.16 km.