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To Cabane des Dix and the Glacier de Cheilon

From Europe's highest dam to Cabane des Dix in a glacier paradise with the crossing of Glacier de Cheilon.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 16.6 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview:  The start of the hike is at the great dam of Lac des Dix. High up the valley of Val d'Herens lies the Grande Dixance dam, it's... more »

Tips:  Hiking classification: T4 - Alpine hikes
Vertical up: 1106m
Vertical down: 1097m

- This is a long hike, please start in... more »

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Points of Interest

1. La Grande Dixance

The dam of Lac des Dix is the highest dam of Europe with a height of 285m and a weight of 15 million tons. The Eiffel tower fits perfect in it.
When arriving at the dam you can go to the foot of it, it really is impressive. A bit higher lies "Le Chargeur" with a lift to the top of the dam and an information center with plenty of information and... More

2. Lac des Dix

The lake of Lac des Dix. We walk all the way through the back and always gives you new views on this lake.

3. Junction - Attention!

We leave the big road for a trail to Pas du Chat.
There are no markings here, only a bit of remnants of red paint. Please be alert so that you won't miss the path.

4. Pas du Chat

Be careful at this point, very small path with some climbing without chains.

5. Junction with white-red-white markings

The path joins an other path with white-red-white markings. We keep following this path and the red markings.

6. Viewpoint on the Mont Blanc de Cheilon and it's glacier

Tremendous view over the Mont Blanc de Cheilon and it's glacier.

7. Cabane des Dix - 2928m

Need a sleeping place or a resting place? This is the best stop you can make. It has all what you need, inclusively an other impressive view on the glacier and the surrounding mountains.

8. Junction to Glacier de Cheilon

Follow the junction in the direction of "Pas du Chévres" - "Col du Riedmatten" - Arolla

9. Glacier de Cheilon

The glacier of Cheilon where you'll walk over. Very rocky parts, be careful, danger of falling.

10. Junction to Barrage

After the glacier crossing you'll join the path of Pas de Chévres. We go in the direction of the Barrage.