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To the Illhorn and Schwarzhorn

From Chandolin to the Illhorn above the Rhone valley to the rocky mountain Schwarzhorn.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 8.202 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview:  Above Chandolin lies the Illhorn, a mountain with an amazing view over the Rhone valley and Val d'Anniviers. The Illhorn is the first ... more »

Tips:  The path is everywhere good visible but only at the Schwarzhorn it is very rocky and you'll need to follow the blue paint strokes on... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Starting point / Parking spot

We start at Chandolin village, you can park your vehicle at the parkingbuilding (no free parking). If you want a free parking spot, you can park your vehicle at the beginning of the village at the ski elevator.

2. Pas d'Illsee

At this mountain pass we can see lake Illsee just beneath it. We turn left here onto the Illhorn before heading right to Le Tsapé.

3. Illhorn (2716m)

Above Chandolin lies the Illhorn from where you have a magnificent view on the Rhone valley and the big mountains (+4000m) such as the Cervin, Dent Blanche etcetera.

4. Illsee

You will see this high altitude lake when arriving at Pas d'Illsee, Illhorn and Schwarzhorn. You can reach it from Pas d'Illsee as an extra 30 minute hike.

5. Schwarzhorn (2790m)

The Schwarzhorn is a very rocky mountain with many loose rocks. The path is steep at some points and sometimes not good visible (follow the paint). The summit has got something special with these loose rocks.

6. Lac Noir

This small black lake lies just beneath the Schwarzhorn and Rothorn. It's the smaller version of the nearby lake Illsee.
It's an ideal place to rest out a bit before going up on the Schwarzhorn.

7. Cabane d'Illhorn

We recommend to leave this behind you when going up to the Illhorn but stop here when returning back to the village.
They have local brewed beer!

8. Le Tsapé

Renewed since 2010 this restaurant lays just at the ski lift of Chandolin. When tired after doing the Schwarzhorn, this is an option.