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The Water Route - Sella, Alicante, Spain

This route follows the well signed local walk, La Ruta de Agua (SL CV 112)
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  The ancient mountain village of Sella (419m/1375ft) is located 18Km inland from the coastal town of Villajoyosa on the Spanish Costa... more »

Tips:  Appropriate Footwear.

Summer: Water, Sun Protection - lotion, hat etc.

All Year: Common Sense!

There are many beautiful places to... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Information Board

Maps and general information about Sella.

2. Sella Car Park (free)


Spanish Emergency Services - Tel: 112

Sella Town Hall - Tel: +34 965 879 001

POI - Numbered POI (like this one) relate specifically to the walk. Non numbered POI are additional locations and information that may be useful/of interest.

SL Symbols - when walking in the province of Valencia you may well come across these symbols. The colour will... More

4. Information Board

Maps and general information about Sella.

5. Baker - El Forn de Secanet

Fresh bread baked daily in the traditional way in a wood fired oven.
Open every day (mornings only).

6. Bar Paco

Located in the Plaza Mayor Bar Paco is a popular local bar serving drinks and tapas (closed Thursdays)

7. Sella Church

The small but beautifully decorated Church of Santa Ana is also in the Plaza Mayor and if the doors are open it warrants a look inside.

8. La Plaza Mayor (Main Square)

The Plaza Mayor (main square) is the heart of the village. This is where the local game, Pelota (handball) is played and also where, during fiestas, most of the celebrations take place. Here there is a small market on Wednesdays and Fridays as well as 2 Banks (1 ATM), a Small Shop/Butcher, Tobacconist, the Doctors Surgery, the Sella Town Hall,... More

9. The Old Wash House

Although the old wash house is not on the 'official' SL CV 112 route (it should be!) it is only a small diversion away and well worth a look - just turn right when you reach the main road and it is 2 minutes away on your right hand side.

This is where in times gone by villagers would have come to do their washing (see video) and it still gets... More

10. Turn Right

From here you get a good view of where you are going next - down, towards the bridge (see photo with red dots). So you need to turn right off the main road, go down a few steps and onto a concrete path that will lead you downhill.

11. Turn Right

Turn right here and walk a short distance along the main road to the bridge - CAUTION TRAFFIC!

12. Viewpoint - The Original Bridge

Until the arrival of motor cars and the 'new' bridge was built in the 1920's, this ancient bridge was the main route into the village of Sella for anyone coming up from the coast. Also note, as you look down at the bridge from the main road there are the remains of another construction on the right hand side. Two stone archways are clearly visible... More

13. The Original Bridge

We stood on the new bridge and enjoyed a view of this ancient bridge that we are now standing on, so it only seems right that we should now take a moment to have a look at the new bridge - of course, although I call it the new bridge and compared to the one we are standing on it is, but in fact the new bridge is itself, approaching 100 years old!

14. Walk Information Board - La Bassa del Batle

This is the first of several information boards you will find during the course of your walk, each one giving specific information about that part of the walk. The information is in Spanish, Valencian (the local language) and English.

From here take the narrow path on the left of the information board, you will pass a lemon grove on your right,... More

15. Millpool and River

We are now approaching the ancient watermill (moli de baix) at the bottom of the valley, and at this point you get a good view of the natural lagoon below (very tempting on a hot summers day!)

16. Walk Information Board - L'Assut del Salt

Our 2nd information board relating specifically to the walk. You will have also noticed the small waterfall which can be quite impressive after heavy rain (see video). There is also a bench next to the information board and this is a great spot to sit for a few minutes, relax and listen to the magical sound of the water that surrounds you.

Now,... More

17. Go Left Here

At this point you need to take the narrow path on the left that will lead you behind the mill and up the hill.

18. Stone Steps

No doubt you will have noticed all the terracing and dry stone walls that have been cut into the landscape that surrounds you. This was started many hundreds of years ago by the Moors when they occupied this area (and most of Spain). This enabled them to cultivate the land on the sides of the steep mountains. Some of these walls and terraces are... More

19. View of Sella

One of the nicest things about this walk is the ever changing views that you get of the village of Sella as the walk progresses. You may have noticed the very large walled building/property (lower right) that has a slightly Moorish castle appearance, many people think that this is indeed the remains of some ancient castle from times long gone by, ... More

20. El Divino - Sella's Divine Mountain

The plateau directly behind Sella is called the Peña de Sella 1157m (3796ft) and as you follow it along from left to right you will see the defined pointed peak that is the Divino mountain 1120m (3675ft), pictured below. It is possible to walk onto the summit of the Divino mountain, although from here it does look pretty inaccessible! However,... More

21. The Alcantera Spring (Font de Alcantera)

Here you will find the The Alcantera Spring, try some of the fresh mountain water that comes from the spring - it's delicious! People travel many miles to come to Sella just to collect the water which is pure and rich in minerals. Here there is also another walk information board (La Font de l'Alcantera) that relates to our walk and nearby there... More

22. Walk Information Board - El Pont de'l Alcantera

23. Turn Left Here

Then follow the narrow path on the right hand side of the white gate post.

24. Turn Right Here

At this point turn right onto the track that will lead up you through pine trees to the highest point on today's walk. Look out for and smell the rosmary and other wild herbs that grow in this area.

If for whatever reason (the weather may have changed unexpectedly) you wish to take a slightly quicker route back to the village, then it is at this ... More

25. Turn Left Here

Go left here off the main track (at first you double back on yourself, before going to the right again and continuing uphill towards the pine trees)

26. Almond Blossom

If you lucky enough to be doing this walk walk during the almond blossom season then you are in for a real treat! The season varies slightly from year to year, but is usually between mid January and the end of February.

27. Walk Information Board - La Solana

28. Go Left Here

WELL DONE for getting up the hill! Turn left here and follow the tarmac road all the way back to Sella - its all downhill!

(NOTE - the other walk that is signed to the right (PRV198) is in a completely different league to today's walk, it goes up onto the Peña de Sella and then back down again! It is for fit and experienced walkers and if you are... More

29. View of the Puig Campana Mountain

From here we get a great view of many of the dramatic mountains that surround us. The most striking of these is the Puig Campana (that's Valencian for Bell Peak) which at 1408m/4619ft stands out like a giant.

Talking of giants, the notch in the top of the mountain is called Roldan's Notch - the story (apparently true) is that a giant called... More

30. View of Sella

Here is another good opportunity for us to see Sella from a different angle. You may have noticed the small chapel (Ermita de Santa Bárbara) that stands at the top of the village. This is a great spot for a picnic and on the way up there you can enjoy some great roofscape views as you look back down over the village.

31. Water Resevoir or Depósito de Agua

Just off the road from where we are standing now is an open air water resevoir or depósito. There are quite a few of these scattered around the countryside and their function is that in the event of a fire the fire fighting helicopters can use them as local refilling points thus saving time and bringing fires under control quicker. Summer is... More

32. Sella Cemetery

Sella cemetery is absolutely full of flowers on All Saints Day (1st November).


We are now nearing the end of todays walk. From here it is just a few minutes back to the car park, or maybe into the village to explore its narrow streets and have a drink at one of the bars.

Thank you for visiting Sella, I hope that you have enjoyed our walk and your time here. If so please tell your friends and take the time to write a few... More

34. Chemist (farmacia)

Hopefully you will have no need to visit the chemist while you are in Sella, but just in case this is where to find it!

35. La Casa Blava

Accommodation (casa rural) village house available for rent.

36. Baker - Santa Maria

Fresh bread baked daily in the traditional way in a wood fired oven.
Open every day (mornings only). This bakery is not immediately obvious, but look out for the tiles on the left of the door - 'Forn de Llenya'.

37. Small Shop/Butcher

38. Bar Fonda

Open at lunchtime only.

39. Bar Maria

Speciality - Paella (open at lunchtimes only)

Bar serving food both lunchtimes and evenings.
Closed Monday evening and all day Tuesday.

41. Estate Agent

Small local estate agent. Opening hours not specified.

42. Information Board

Maps and general information about Sella.

43. Swimming Pool and Bar

Not open all year round.

44. Picnic Area - The Main Spring (Font Mayor)