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Affordable Paris Shopping Trip

Shop where the frugal locals do. We’ve got inexpensive alternatives for antiques, boutiques, and hidden treasures.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days

Overview:  The Paris Metro runs until 1 a.m. For sightseeing, consider a day pass on the Batobus boat (www.batobus.com), which stops along the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. André

Established by designer André Perugia in 1896, this widespread French footwear chain sells trendy, high-quality shoes at reasonable prices. Considered an early innovator of modern high heels, Perugia used contemporary art and architecture as inspiration for his unusual shoes, such as the gravity-defying “heelless” high heel and the geometric... More

2. Artazart

Along the banks of the Canal St.-Martin, a bright orange façade marks the location of Artazart, one of the most celebrated art and design bookstores in Europe. The company began as an online venture before opening this store in the 10th Arrondissement in September 2000. Inside, wooden shelves are lined with high-quality, reasonably priced books on... More

3. Bonpoint Fin de Séries Outlet

For Bonpoint’s iconic baby clothes—pin tucks! smocking! hand-knitted booties!—priced at 30 percent off, this French brand’s Fin de Séries Outlet is the place to go on the Left Bank (Rive Gauche). Sure, they may be last seasons’ designs, but the important-occasion outfits are here, like suits for ring bearers or dresses that flower girls wear at... More

4. Brocante Rue Chardon-Lagache

Located in the Auteuil neighborhood of the 16th Arrondissement, this open-air flea market takes place twice a week between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Beneath large awnings, an average of 80 vendors sell everything from vintage chandeliers and daybeds with satin cushions to hand-carved wooden furniture dating from the early 19th century. The vendors also... More

5. Camard

Camard, and a number of other shipping companies, maintain offices at the Porte de Clignancourt flea market and other spots around Paris. You register, and they give you a receipt pad, stickers, and your own personal Camard number. When you see something humongous that you are dying to take home, you take out your Camard pad and the dealer slaps a... More

6. Cyrillus

Frustrated with the lack of stylish but practical children’s clothing in Paris, stay-at-home mom Daniéle Tellinge began designing her own garments in the 1970’s. Her first catalog was two pages long, and Cyrillus (considered Paris’s answer to J. Crew) now has multiple stores across Europe and Asia, as well as a large mail-order business. At this... More

7. Des Petits Hauts

Founded by sisters Katia and Vanessa Sanchez, Des Petits Hauts (which translates to “The Little Tops”) is an ultra-feminine clothing boutique with multiple locations in Paris, Lyon, and Orleans. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Katia designs the comfortable, quirky garments, while Vanessa works to spread the brand’s reach around the world.... More

The words “fabrication traditionnelle” are emblazoned above the entrance of this antique-filled boulangerie (bakery), advertising Christophe Vasseur’s “traditional manufacturing” of homemade breads. Vasseur left a sales career in the fashion industry to pursue baking and, after working as an apprentice for three years, opened Du Pain et Des Idées ... More

9. Eric Bompard

Eric Bompard was trekking across the Gobi desert in Mongolia when he came across the Capra Hisca, a goat with a long, soft hair that insulated it from the cold. That encounter began his obsession with cashmere, which led him to launch his own clothing line. Bompard uses Mongolian wool and a variety of knitting techniques to create both classic and... More

10. Hoses

Stylist Valery Duboucheron’s shoe-and-bag shop, Hoses, in the trendiest corner of the Marais, helped launch Walk That Walk and Avril Gau; it also carries more established labels such as Marc Jacobs.

41 Rue de Poitou


Catherine B has been collecting vintage Chanel and Hermès pieces for more than two decades. Whether shoppers are searching for a discontinued Birkin bag, the perfect color Kelly bag, or a rare silk scarf, the store’s hand-curated collection of more than 1,500 pieces is bound to have it. Her inventory from these two luxury labels is displayed at... More

12. Losco

Inspired by Native American leather goods, this atelier des ceintures (belt studio and workshop) first opened in 1979. The original Losco shop and atelier is located in the Marais district, while this Left Bank offshoot is situated on the famously chic Rue de Sèvres, home to many high-end boutiques. Behind a light gray façade featuring a large... More

Leave the hotel early on weekend mornings and take the metro to the far left bank outpost of Vanves, then walk a few blocks to Avenue Marc Sangnier and Avenue Georges Lafenestre for this small, excellent market, also an open secret among dealers. (Rumor has it that after dealers shop here, they bring their treasures to the far larger Porte de... More

Merci is the creation of Marie-France and Bernard Cohen, who founded the children’s couture clothing brand Bonpoint. Selling everything from limited-edition designer garments to books, flowers, and linens, this three-story, multi-brand boutique supports their “thank you” moniker by donating all their profits to help young children in Madagascar.... More

15. Monoprix

Paris provides ample opportunities to shop for high-dollar brands, but when the shopping list is full of essentials, Monoprix is the answer. Considered the Target of Paris, the discount store has multiple locations throughout the city and carries everything from makeup and toiletries to home furnishings, gourmet foods, and fresh breads from the... More

16. Moon Young Hee

Paris-based Korean designer Moon Young Hee is a regular at Paris Fashion Week, and she is known for her deconstructionist techniques, layered fabrics, and feminine designs. Her avant-garde garments are executed in mostly neutral tones (cream, white, and black) and fuse Western and Eastern fashion in a bold style. At this unassuming boutique in the... More

17. Paris Apartment Custom Shopping Expeditions

Claudia Strasser, who runs a New York–based interiors business called the Paris Apartment, has decades of experience showing American clients around Parisian markets. In 1993, she founded a boutique in New York City to sell the refurbished French furniture and accessories she found at flea markets. Now, she splits her time between New York and... More

18. Pharmacie Suprapharm

The vast and often crowded beauty supply store, sometimes referred to by guidebooks as City Pharma or the discount pharmacy at Saint Germain, stocks French brand toiletries and cosmetics at reduced prices that average 20 to 40 percent less than the big name pharmacies. Narrow aisles lined with tall white shelves fill the two level building, and... More

19. Pretty Box

Boutique Pretty Box was founded in 2004 when owner Sarah wanted to sell the vintage wardrobe she had amassed during years of world travel. Celebrities, including Kate Moss, have targeted the small store for the high quality collection of unique pieces culled from around Europe, which date back as far as the 1920’s and rarely top 200 Euros. There... More

20. Pring, Paris

Paris-based Thai-American designer, writer, and DJ Pring Pichayanund Chinadahporn (known simply as Pring), began her eponymous shoe and accessories brand in 2007 at this high-end, stone-walled boutique in the heart of the Marais. Her signature brightly colored pumps, metallic heels, platform wedges, and peek toes in fun, funky shapes and styles... More

21. Thanx God I’m a V.I.P.

Sylvie Chateigner opened this Paris vintage shop with an ironic name between the Place de la République and the Canal St.-Martin in 1994. A few months later she launched a series of fabulous parties under the same name that united the worlds of music, media, and fashion, catching the attention of big names such as Karl Lagerfield, a frequent... More

22. Yves Andrieux Vincent Jalbert

The utilitarian, oddly chic designs at Yves Andrieux Vincent Jalbert are made from unlikely antique fabrics—parachute nylon, canvas, and cotton originally intended to cover French camping cots. The small boutique specializes in transforming the recycled materials, ensuring every item is an original, into elegantly tailored jackets, skirts, and... More