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A Walk in Paris's 2nd Arrondissement

Old World meets the Modern World in Paris' Second Arondissement of Paris....

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Overview:  Old World meets the Modern World in Paris' Second Arondissement of Paris. The offereings of Rue Chabanais and Rue St.-Anne include... more »

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Points of Interest

1. De Bayser 69 Rue Ste.-Anne Paris

Founded in 1936, this gallery is a must-visit for drawings enthusiasts. The inventory covers the 16th through 20th centuries; the Old Master offerings are particularly good.

2. Louisélio 14 Rue Chabanais Paris

The organic, minimalist shapes and intricate glazework of the bowls and vases sold at ceramist Louisélio's studio have made her a favorite with discerning locals.

3. The Different Company 3 Rue Chabanais Paris

A 21st-century fragrance house showcasing the talents of father-daughter duo Jean-Claude and Céline Ellana, this atelier's décor is as subtly chic as its scents.

This Asian patisserie is the only place in Paris to enjoy bubble tea: try the milky macha, and don't miss the shop's signature savory rice cakes.