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Mottistone Walk

A short walk (around 4 miles) through beautiful and varied countryside within the Isle of Wight AONB.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview:  You can get a real sense of the history of the landscape in this part of the Isle of Wight Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The... more »

Tips:  There are some steep sections of downland on this walk. Stout footwear is recommended.
The Sun Inn at Hulverstone is a useful half... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Public Footpath BS85

Leaving the National Trust car park on Strawberry Lane, walk up the track.

2. Open Access Map

A map of the Open Access Area of Mottistone Common.

3. Kissing Gate onto Mottistone Common.

4. View towards Atherfield Bay

View towards Atherfield Bay from the footpath on Mottistone Common.

5. View towards Compton and Tennyson Down

View towards Tennyson Down and Compton.

6. Castle Hill

View of Castle Hill the site of an Iron Age stock enclosure.

7. Public Footpath BS85

Keep walking up the hill and avoid the path which falls away to the left.

8. The Longstone

The Longstone dates from Neolithic times (6000 years ago). The stones are believed to mark the entrance to long barrow or burial chamber. It is also believed that the stones were an important meeting place or 'moot' for the Saxons and that this led to the name Mottistone (Moot Stone). They were moved from their original siting by Lord Dillon... More

9. Public Footpath BS85

As the path continues bear left towards the coast.

10. Mottistone Common

This view from Mottistone Common shows the important heathland currently being restored by the National Trust. From the early C20th until the Great Storm of 1987 this area was part of a plantation forest of pine trees. The storm completely changed the landscape and opening up views and allowing for the restoration of the former heath. You may... More

11. Rhododendron

Part of the management of the area is the control of Rhododendron ponticum an invasive ornamental shrub likely to have spread from planting at Brook Hill House.

12. Coastal View

13. Coastal Views

An area of the original plantation woodland can be seen close to Brook Hill House (on left).

14. Stile

Stile and gate at the boundary of Mottistone Common and the National Trust ownership.

15. Junction of Footpaths BS85 & BS45

Turn left and take the path that passes through the woodland down the slope.

16. Public Footpath BS45

Continue on the path through the woods. Look out for wild red currant (ribes rubrum)growing below the Beech trees. You might also see evidence of Red Squirrels and Dormice in this area.

17. Public Footpath BS45

Walk through the bracken as you emerge from the woodland towards a stile.

18. Public Footpath BS45

Walk across the field to a stile.

19. Stile

Take the stile and carry on down the slope towards the next stile.

20. Looking back

Take the opportunity to look back on the route that you have come and you will see the woodland on the hillside.

21. Kissing Gate

Pass through the Kissing Gate installed as part of the celebration of Hulverstone winning the Best Kept Village competition in 1996.

22. Hulverstone Lane Byway BS76

The old road is now a Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) and is unsurfaced. Largely hedged on both sides and with abundant wildflower banks the track is a haven for wildlife. Like many of the old tracks in the area this route runs roughly north to south from the springline villages which lie below the downland inland from the coast where natural... More

23. Public Footpath BS97

Just before the end of the Byway and its junction with the Military Road take the path which crosses through a pasture field.

24. Public Footpath BS97

Aim for the far left corner of the field and a stile to join 'Fernfield Lane' the name for the next part of this footpath.

25. Sculpture

This sculpture is a surprise. Hidden in the middle of the woods in a very secretive location it is made from pieces of old wood found in the area.

26. Ridget Lane Byway BS100

This is another old road from the village of Mottistone to the coast.

27. St Peter and St Paul Church, Mottistone

A C12th century church closely linked to the Mottistone Estate with strong connections with the sea. The coastline in this part of the Isle of Wight is locally often referred to as the "Back o' the Wight". It has been witness to many shipwrecks, smuggling and acts of heroism. The chancel roof timbers of this church are made from the timbers of ... More

28. The green at Mottistone.

Cross over the green and turn right into Hoxall Lane. The right angled turns of this lane are thought to be an indicator of the former existence of enclosed open field areas.

29. Mottistone Manor

The main wing of Mottistone Manor was re-built by Thomas Cheke in 1567. It is thought that the south wing may be slightly later. In 1861 the Mottistone Estate was purchased by the Charles Seely who was at that time living in Brook House. In 1925 General Jack Seely commissioned his son John Seely to restore Mottistone Manor which was then being ... More

30. Barn at The Old Parsonage

Many local vernacular building styles and materials can be seen in these two barns. There is a mix of stone from chalk blocks to iron rich sandstone and both thatch and red tile roofs.

31. Strawberry Lane, Mottistone

Cross over the road and walk up Strawberry Lane.

32. Grammars Common

Grammars Common and an area of forestry plantation which was largely undamaged by the 1987 storms. This can be compared with the heathland restoration area on Mottistone Common which would have looked much the same before the damaging storm.

33. Mottistone

A video view of the landscape from close to the Longstone, Mottistone Common, Isle of Wight. Annotated to highlight key landscape features. July 2011