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Monitor and Merrimac ATV Trail

Highpoint Hummer and ATV's suggested route for a half day ATV Rental.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 22.6 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview:  For use with a ATV rental with Highpoint Hummer and ATV. Please Drive slowly in the parking areas. Park across from the old church.... more »

Tips:  Bring a camera, plenty of water, and snacks. There is plenty of time to stop and explore the points of interest. If you get off of... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Archview Parking Lot

Please drive under 5 MPH in the gravel parking lot. Park across from the old church.

2. Turn right before the Highway

3. Cross the highway

Please cross carefully.

4. First hill

Continue up the hill, if you are going slowly use low gear

5. Signpost 2

Stay right, Sevenmile Rim is an advanced trail.

6. Signpost 3

Turn left.

7. Signpost 4

Follow the white dots that are on the rock.

8. Use low gear for steps like these

9. Signpost 5

Continue left towards the Monitor and Merrimac.

10. Signpost 6

Stay left here.

11. Signpost 7

Continue towards the Monitor and Merrimac. Uranium Arch is a more difficult trail.

12. Signpost 8

Turn right.

13. Signpost 9

Make a hard right here toward the Determination Towers.

14. Signpost 9

This is the correct trail.

15. Signpost 10

Turn left here. Mill Canyon Road (right) is closed.

16. The Determination Towers

300 ft. tall These towers have made appearances in movies and commercials in the past.

17. Signpost 12

Continue straight here.

18. Signpost 13

Turn right here.

19. Natural Spring

Watch for rocks that could damage your tires.

20. Signpost 14

This is the trail that takes you to Tusher Tunnel.

21. Signpost 14

Turn right. The road straight ahead leads to Bartlett Wash- a different trail.

22. Tusher Tunnel

A short walk leads you to Tusher Tunnel. Please do not deface the rocks.

23. Signpost 15

Turn right out of this parking lot. Do not go to the highway yet.

24. Signpost 16

Turn right to see the dinosaur bones. Left takes you back to the trailhead.

25. Dinosaur Bones

A short self guided hike to see dinosaur bones and a petrified tree.