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Tuscany Trip Lists - Tips and secrets from real travelers

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Tuscany Trip Lists

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Topic Type of List Rating/Votes Author Date
FLORENCE FOR A WEEK: ART, HISTORY, FOOD AND FUN Perfect week or more 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
Girls week in Florence
Oct 13, 2013
Europe with my best friend: 14 days in Spain, France, Italy & Croatia with my wife. Recent trip 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
37th Anniversary in Europe
Oct 6, 2013
Paris and Italy with Two Teens: 12 days in Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome. Recent trip 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
We wanted to travel with our children, when my daughter entered high school we decided we had better hurry up. I like a detailed plan, using tripadvisor, Rick Steves, Frommer's, and Fodor's. Once I arrive, the plan becomes very flexible.
Sep 3, 2013
First Euro Trip!: Our first holiday away from Australia! 5 glorious weeks to explore 6 countries in Europe (with a stopover in Dubai... Other 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
Emma M
Want to see as much of the key things in a short time frame, without being too touristy
Aug 16, 2013
Trips since 2005: Included are pilgrimages in which I have taken my high school class. Recent trip 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
Try your best to blend in, be a local, shop like a local, avoid living in touristy locations, even though it may be a touristy locale.
Jul 10, 2013
Two Drifters Off To See The World: "Not all those who wander are lost." Recent trip 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
YOLO - It might seem dumb but it is true
Jul 6, 2013
Three days in Bologna: Tips on things to do, hotels and restaurants Best of 5.0 of 5 bubbles
5 Votes
Family trip with college age children
Jul 3, 2013
Europe with my best friends: Top hot spots for romance ...Verona & Venice in Italy France , Paris , Cannes Switzerland , Germany , Spain Perfect week or more 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
Must- see sights , the best attraction
Jun 11, 2013
Ever lasting Europe: Waterfalls, trekking, warm people, mediation, yoga, culture, history, party, outdoors, and love Best of 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
Living and loving life
May 16, 2013
Road trip to Italy: Me, Husband and Max the dog Roadtrip 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
Lucy B
Active trip - see friends in Naples - take Max with us :)
May 16, 2013
Europe 2013: Rome, Florence, Hunibach, Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen Best of 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
Amir Homayoon T
New Cultures, New Cities and New Food!!
May 15, 2013
France and Italy With Three Kids: Our first Europe trip for a family of five, ages raging from 36,34,6,3, and almost 1. This may not be a very ideal tour... Recent trip 4.5 of 5 bubbles
1 Vote
Off Peak Season Travel to France and Italy with Kids
Apr 24, 2013
My dream world tour: Friends and I always play this game; where would you go in the world if you had unlimited access to resources. I have... Wish list 2.5 of 5 bubbles
1 Vote
Mary A
Genuine love of travel and exploration
Apr 9, 2013
My favourite beaches: When it comes to beaches I am picky: I look for a white sandy beach and blue/green shallow water, not crowed and safe Best of 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
my love for the sea
Apr 6, 2013
European Road Trip 2012: European road trip in campervsn Roadtrip 4.5 of 5 bubbles
1 Vote
Stuart H
This is a list about our trip around Europe in summer 2012. Got plenty more information on the places we visited which we can't fit into this short list!
Mar 29, 2013
Best of Italy in ten days.: Ten Day honeymoon trip to Italy Recent trip 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
I graduated with my husband to be, got married, and then decided to take a break and fly to Italy for the honeymoon.
Mar 28, 2013
Backpacking alone: I haven't come up with how long I will be in each location, Paris will be where I am flying in and out from America. I... Other 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
Will S
School in Italy for four weeks
Mar 26, 2013
Easter in Florence: 3 nights in Florence, 1 night in Pisa Perfect weekend 4.0 of 5 bubbles
3 Votes
Beckie E
City Break Itinerary
Mar 21, 2013
Hop's Travels: random & not-so-random places i've visited..... short, but sure to grow Other 0.0 of 5 bubbles
0 Votes
Mar 11, 2013
Eurotrip 2013: Italy and France Roadtrip 3.5 of 5 bubbles
1 Vote
Mar 5, 2013
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