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Trip List by viviandarkbloom

Three Days in Prague

Apr 10, 2006  viviandarkbloom
3.5 of 5 stars based on 32 votes

It's not always easy to cram only three days' worth of activities into a visit to a world-class city like Prague. But for many travelers lured by longer stays in bigger, more popular European cities like Paris or Rome, a three-day trip to Prague might be the perfect bridge between longer stays in other cities. And Prague's old-world Bohemian charm creates a perfect balance of leisurely, relaxing interest--it is also an ideal romantic getaway too.

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  • 1. Day 1: Stroll across the Charles Bridge…
    Charles Bridge, Prague, Bohemia

    It's the number one attraction in the city--and rightfully so. This bridge, completed in 1400 (and started at the behest of Charles IV some fifty-odd years before that) is a blend of Gothic and baroque styles that is lined with amazing, larger-than-life statues. It's always jam-packed with people morning, noon, or night, but the glorious views of the Lesser Quarter will make you forget everyone and everything.

  • 2. Day 1: …and walk through both the Old Town...
    Old Town (Stare Mesto), Prague, Bohemia

    Many of the major sights of Prague can be glimpsed on a walk through the Old Town: the Town Square, the Town Hall and its famous Astronomical Clock (make sure you're in the square near the top of the hour to fully experience it), the Franz Kafka Exposition (Kafka lived almost his entire life within Prague's Old Town), the Municipal House, and the State Theater. This is a prime area for sitting down with a coffee and doing some serious people watching while soaking in the magnificent sights of old Prague.

  • 3. Day 1: …and the Jewish Quarter
    Jewish Museum in Prague, Prague, Bohemia

    The Jewish Quarter is located within the Old Town, and features such significant sites as the Quarter's Jewish museum, a beautifully restored Spanish Synagogue with a Moorish-style dome.

  • 4. Day 2: Torture Museum
    Torture Museum, Prague, Bohemia

    It's your second day in Prague, and already you're having thoughts about assaulting noisy and rude tourists with their fanny packs for ruining your sense of calm and enjoyment. What do you do? Go to the Torture Museum! While it does confirm that Slavic stereotype of brooding, violent unhappiness, it is a highly unique collection of torture devices (including an iron maiden) collected largely from Eastern Europe.

  • 5. Day 2: Bertramka Villa (Mozart Museum)

    If sadistic thoughts at the Torture Museum have not improved your outlook, perhaps a visit to the Mozart Museum will help. Mozart, who loved the city of Prague, finished the composition of Don Giovanni while staying at this historic villa. Stick around for concerts in the afternoon, which occur on a regular basis.

  • 6. Day 2: Take a Lunch Break at Café Slavia

    Right across from the imposing National Theater is this historic café. At one time considered the hub of Czech intellectual life, it is more of a tourist attraction these days. Nonetheless, the Slavia serves food that is both good and inexpensive, and it provides marvelous dining views of the nearby Charles River and Bridge.

  • 7. Day 2: Bedrich Smetana Museum
    Bedrich Smetana Museum, Prague, Bohemia

    Keeping in a musical theme, hit the Smetana Museum. No musical composer is as identified with Bohemian/Czech national spirit as much as Smetana. Again, concerts are a regular occurrence here. (In fact, Prague's Spring Festival--a must for the classical music fan--always kicks off on May 13, the anniversary of Smetana's death.)

  • 8. Day 2: Dvorak Museum
    Dvorak Museum, Prague, Bohemia

    To complete the musical theme, finish up the second day at the Dvorak Museum; the building was actually composer Antonin Dvorak's home for over twenty years until his death in 1901. Evening concerts at the Dvorak Museum are a lovely way to end the day.

  • 9. Day 3: Prague Castle Complex
    Prague Castle, Prague, Bohemia

    Another big tourist site, but a must see--this is the largest castle in Europe and is representative of exquisite, classical Czech architecture. Make sure to check out St. George's Basilica within the castle complex too, not to mention the fantastic views of St. Vitus Cathedral as well!

  • 10. Day 3: The Fred and Ginger Building
    Dancing House, Prague, Bohemia

    If you're thinking that all of Prague's architecture falls firmly into the realm of the old and Gothic, one glance at architect Frank Gehry's "Fred and Ginger" building, the flowing, gravity-defying lines of this building (which earned it its nickname, after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers) will make you think there was seriously something illegal in your morning coffee.

  • 11. Day 3: The Last Supper--at the Blue Rose

    For a trip in the wayback machine--a taste of genuine Bohemian atmosphere--dine at this restaurant. Located in an eerily romantic cellar that dates back to the fifteenth century, you sample some classic Czech cuisine while imagining the ghosts of patrons past!