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Trip List by seolram

Roundtrip Netherlands in min. 17- 21 days

Sep 1, 2011  Home country
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Besides Amsterdam, what's there to see?

  • 1. Trains in The Netherlands, Routes and Costs

    How to get from one place to the other in the Netherlands

  • 2. Holland Pass

    With this pass you can get 3, 5 or 7 free tickets, a booklet with suggestions and a discount pass. If you are planning to visit a lot of museums and attractions and plan to use a lot of public transportation in 2 weeks I would even suggest to buy 2 x 7 ticketspass.

  • 3. Leiden
    Leiden, South Holland Province

    Since it's a roundtrip, you can choose to stay somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands (say Utrecht) or hop from one city to the next)

    Day 1 Leiden is only 15 minutes by train from Schiphol airport and all the other towns are easily reached by Public Transportation. Take the first day to get settled, get traintickets etc. Day 2 is your full day of Leiden. At tourist info they have several walkingtours available.

  • 4. Municipal Museum of Leiden (Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal )
    Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden, South Holland Province

    Always nice to learn a bit about the history of a town, this is the place (also nice building)

  • 5. National Museum of Antiquities (Rijksmuseum van Oudheden)
    National Museum of Antiquities (Rijksmuseum van Oudheden), Leiden, South Holland Province

    When you are into archaeology, this is THE museum to visit while in the Netherlands, Egyptology, near east, Romans, Greeks, Etruscand and Of course The Netherlands from pre-history- Middle Ages.

    Have Luncheon at 't Suppiershuysinghe, a beer at 'De Bonte Koe', maybe Dutch Pancakes at Oudt Leyden. De Burcht is the old Castle of Leiden, near the city Library and shopping can be done on 'Haarlemmerstraat'.

  • 6. The Hague
    The Hague, South Holland Province

    Day 3 The Hague, about 20 minutes by train from Leiden. Also a very old town with a lot of History. You could 'do' The Hague and Delft in 1 day, but I wouldn't recommand that...
    Maybe go to tourist info first and get one of the walking tours.

  • 7. Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
    Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, The Hague, South Holland Province

    Learn a bit about the history of this town in this beautiful old building

  • 8. Binnenhof & Ridderzaal (Inner Court & Hall of the Knights)
    Binnenhof & Ridderzaal (Inner Court & Hall of the Knights), The Hague, South Holland Province

    You're already near Binnenhof (and Mauritshuis' if you'd like to see some art), so you might as well stroll in. Once a castle for the counts of Holland, now the place where Dutch politics are practised.

  • 9. Museum de Gevangenpoort (The Prison Gate Museum)
    Prison Gate Museum, The Hague, South Holland Province

    Go through the gate at the other end of Binnenhof and you will reach "gevangenpoort'. One of my favorite museums in The Hague.

    After this visit you can of course go on the walking tour or do some shopping. If you like marketplaces you might like to visit 'Winkelcentrum Bazar'

  • 10. Rootz
    Rootz, The Hague, South Holland Province

    17:00 grab a beer ar Rootz, lots of choices.
    Afterwards you can go for dinner in Chinatown, don't fancy Chinese? Scallywags is a funny restaurant, Humphrey's is part of a chain, but always good, Conaisseur is cheap... lots of choices.

    For a snack in between: go to a snackbar like Bram Ladage or FEBO and take a snack 'from the wall', small windows in a wall, throw a coin in the slot and open the window and pick up a 'kroket' or 'frikandel': enjoy!

  • 11. Delft
    Delft, South Holland Province

    Day 4 10 minutes by train from The Hague, very touristy, but nonetheless cosy! Shops are nice, touristinfo has some nice citywalks available

  • 12. Delftware Factory (De Porceleyne Fles)
    Royal Delft - Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles, Delft, South Holland Province

    When in Delft you cannot miss the Delftware factory. Too bad it's not in the city centre though...
    But: you can take the boat 'Delft Blue Line' which will take you from city centre to the factory where you will get a tour (13,50 euro)

  • 13. Prinsenhof Municipal Museum
    Museum Prinsenhof Delft, Delft, South Holland Province

    The Place where Willem v. Oranje was shot, great historic place, works of Dutch painters, old objects which have meant a lot for Dutch history

  • 14. Locus Publicus Delft
    Locus Publicus Delft, Delft, South Holland Province

    Great place to get a beer, snacks and fantastic tea!

    Very near, at the Molslaan you will find 'Stadsherberg De Mol', a medieval tavern for a really great experience, which leads you back to Delft of the 15/16th century

  • 15. Hotel Johannes Vermeer
    Hotel Johannes Vermeer, Delft, South Holland Province

    When you're looking for a special place to sleep, this is it (bit more expensive)

  • 16. Schiedam
    Schiedam, South Holland Province

    (Day 5: you can combine Schiedam with Dordrecht... lovely old town where the made genever)

  • 17. Schiedam Windmill
    Schiedam Windmill, Schiedam, South Holland Province

    At the tourist information you can get a map with a route that leads you to all the windmills surrounding the city

  • 18. Jenevermuseum Schiedam

    Great museum and get a tasting afterwards in the really nice tasting room, it's fascinating!

    Shops are nice in Schiedam: go to 'De Bonte Koe' where you can see how they make chocolate and have a tasting in their tearoom.

    A nice specialitybeer can be obtained at 'Weeshuis'.)

  • 19. Dordrecht
    Dordrecht, South Holland Province

    Day 5 it's possible to combine Dordrecht with Breda. About 25 minutes by train from Delft. This town is do-able in a day or less , but still well worth a visit.

    Walkingtour available at the tourist information.

    'Cafe de Tijd' is a great place for a drink.

    The 'Dordrechts Museum' is an art museum.

    If you can, try to visit the 'Biesbosch' (a protected nature park) with a 'fluisterboot': a semi-silent boat which will lead you to see all kinds of animals, birds and plants (also with museum about nature in this area)

  • 20. Breda
    Breda, North Brabant Province

    Yes, we have reached Brabant, the Burgundian province of the Netherlands. About 20 minutes from Dordrecht.

    The tourist info gives some good guided tours.
    The 'Grote Kerk' is a must see, certainly when you are interested in the Royal Family of the Netherlands.

    The 'Begijnhof' is nice (certainly when you also visit some other 'hofjes' while in this country).The 'begijnhof' also has a small museum. They have a website, but unfortunately only in Dutch.

    Breda's Museum, history of the town and art from local artists. They also have a website, but again only in Dutch

  • 21. Tourist Information Centre Breda

    Info on all the attractions of Breda, reservations for guided tours

  • 22. Beyerd
    De Beyerd, Breda, North Brabant Province

    Brilliant place to drink a beer or have dinner. It's also a brewery where you can get tours (on reservation).

    Good speciality beer also at 'Bruxelles'.
    Fancy something else to eat? No problem: Dickens and Jones serve a mean High tea and also have good dinner- menu. Tortillas has nice and cheap mexican food and great tapas are served at Sol y Sombras

  • 23. Den Bosch
    Den Bosch, North Brabant Province

    Day 6 Hometown of the "Bosche Bol" which you obviously have to eat at Bakery 'De Groot". The Bosche Bol is puff cake filled with whipped cream and covered with chocolate and is the speciality of this town, but popular in the whole country. THE place to get this, is at 'De Groot', a bakery with a salon, just 100 metres from the trainstation.
    Vist St. Jan, the Cathedral of Den Bosch. It has a small museum and you can climb the tower.
    Near the Cathedral you will find 'snack bar' St. Janneke where you have to try 'frietje Stoofvlees', chips with a meat stew, brilliant for lunch!
    make a 'Binnendiezetocht', a small boat will go underneath the houses of the town. The Binnendieze has a website, but only in Dutch.
    have a beer at 't Veulen.

    By the way: if you're really into amusementparks: you can take the bus from the trainstation to 'Efteling', it really is great!

  • 24. VVV 's-Hertogenbosch (Tourist Center)
    VVV 's-Hertogenbosch, Den Bosch, North Brabant Province

    The building in iteself is marvellous....

    Den Bosch has a really nice shopping area, great is the old candystore: Tumtum

    For coffee and 'Bosche koek', another speciality of this town, a sort of spice cake, you have to go to 'De Roozenkrans', really cozy in a very old house. They also have different kinds of chocolatemilk (white, ginger, dark, cinnamon etc.)

  • 25. Maastricht
    Maastricht, Limburg Province

    Day 7 a bit further: 1,5 hours by train from Den Bosch, way in the south, where people really enjoy life! A beautiful city, so just wandering around is enjoyable.
    The cities Nijmegen and Maastricht both claim to be the oldest city in The Netherlands.

    The area 'Wyck' is an artists area with nice little shops.

    Take a guided tour and visit the citywall and gate, the square at the old Marketplace is really cozy, as is Onze Lieve Vrouwe plein.

    When in Limburg, this part of the Netherlands, you have to taste 'Vlaai', a kind of cake.

    Cafe 't Pothuiske is lovely, great onionsoup!
    Le Bon vivant is a nice restaurant, bit more expensive but has lovely menu's and if you don't mind eating early they have a menu for a very good price.

    The Sint Servaas basliek with treasury are well wort a visit.

  • 26. Maastricht Caves
    St. Pietersberg Caves, Maastricht, Limburg Province

    Near Maastricht you have your pick in caves, you can visit the caves at the rim of the town itself, visit the ones in Valkenburg or at Sint Pietersberg, the only official 'mountain' in the Netherlands.

  • 27. Natural History Museum (Natuurhistorisch Museum)
    Natural History Museum (Natuurhistorisch Museum), Maastricht, Limburg Province

    If you're into dino's you cannot skip this museum: it's the only place where we have a real dutch dino: the mosasaurus (just the plaster cast of the skull) which was found in 1774 at Sint Pietersberg.

  • 28. Nijmegen
    Nijmegen, Gelderland Province

    Day 8 Even further: 2 hours by train from Maastricht. You can combine this visit with another town on the way (there are a lot of nice small towns along the way: Venlo, you might first want to visit Valkenburg, just 10 minutes by train from Maastricht, From Weert and Roermond you can take bus 73 to Thorn, a really lovely small village)

    Nijmegen, as a already said, also claims to be the oldest city of the Netherlands.

  • 29. Museum Het Valkhof
    Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen, Gelderland Province

    Another must see if you're into archaeology. This museum is more focussed on archaeology of the region and that means in Nijmegen a lot of objects from the Romans, since they had a large camp here (Noviomagus)

  • 30. Valkhof Park
    Valkhof Park, Nijmegen, Gelderland Province

    Since you are already near: stroll over to the park, a place with a lot of history (and a nice view on the water)

  • 31. Humphrey's
    Humphrey's Nijmegen, Nijmegen, Gelderland Province

    Great place to eat, never disappointing, they have restaurants in several towns in the Netherlands (also The Hague, 2x Amsterdam, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Tilburg, Breda, Amersfoort), always a good bet and not even that expensive, especially if you like to take a 3-course meal.

  • 32. Arnhem
    Arnhem, Gelderland Province

    Day 9. 15-20 minutes by train from Nijmegen.
    The Openair museum is a full day's of fun, afterwards you can go into town to seek out a restaurant.
    By the way: Arnhem also has a winemuseum with tasting.

  • 33. Netherlands Open-Air Museum and National Heritage Museum
    Netherlands Open-Air Museum and National Heritage Museum, Arnhem, Gelderland Province

    Real one day of fun, all kinds of old buildings from the Netherlands are rebuilt here and you can get a feeling of how the country was like from Prehistory 'till the '70s. Love the cafe from the South of the Netherlands! Also like the old games you can play and taking the tram around the park is a laugh!

  • 34. Utrecht

    Day 10 About 30-40 minutes from Arnhem,

    By the way: if you don't have enough vacationdays to see all of the Netherlands, this is a good place to return to the airport: it's about 30 minutes by train to Schiphol.

  • 35. Cathedral (Domkerk) and Cathedral Tower (Domtoren)
    Dom Tower, Utrecht

    THE attraction of Utrecht, so if you are in good health the climb up the tower maybe wort it for you, magnificent view, largest tower in the Netherlands.

    Another fantastic church in Utrecht is St. Willibrordus. You have to really look for it, but it's really different and will take your breath away!

  • 36. Dick Bruna huis

    The 'inventor' of Miffy is a native of Utrecht, so ofcourse you have to see his former house and the museum on Miffy

  • 37. Cafe Ledig Erf

    Time to grab a beer? This is the place to be! So much choice. When the sun is out, the terrace is brilliant!

    Another good place to get a drink is ' Cafe Belgie' and legendary in the Netherlands is 'Winkel van Sinkel' (cannot miss that one)

  • 38. Le Connaisseur Utrecht
    Le Connaisseur Utrecht, Utrecht

    Really cheap place to eat, especially before 18h. They also got a restaurant in The Hague. Don't expect too much, it's no haute cuisine, but if you are on a thight budget, this is a nice place.

    If you really want something different, and Dutch: Go to 'De Soepterrine' (they also have a website) to eat lots of soup and Cheese fondue!

  • 39. Amersfoort

    Day 11 10 minutes from Utrecht by train, you can combine this with Deventer, but it's a lot.
    They have a really great Zoo in this town (also in Arnhem by the way...)
    You can climb the 'Onze Lieve Vrouwe Toren'.

    Have a drink at 'In de Groote Slock' and visit the old town gates.

  • 40. Bierbrouwerij de Drie Ringen

    Visit the local brewery, see the exposition and taste is nice local beer.

  • 41. Museum Flehite
    Museum Flehite, Amersfoort

    If not for the old and new art, go for the fantastic buildings!

  • 42. Deventer
    Deventer, Overijssel Province

    40 minutes from Amersfoort

    A so cold 'Hanze city'
    When in this town, you have to try the 'Deventer koek' at 'Bussink's '. Tourist information has a package for 8,50 : you get the town map, a walking tour, discounts on icecream, Deventer koek, luncheon and a visit to a museum. (Deventer Historic Museum or the old toy museum).

    Good speciality beer at 'De Heks' behind the old scales building at the beautiful marketplace

  • 43. Zutphen
    Zutphen, Gelderland Province

    Day 12 10-15 minutes by train from Deventer, you can combine this with Zwolle.

    Again a Hanzecity, so very prosperous in the 17th century, which you can see in the remaining buildings from that area.

    Zutphen has a city museum in which you can see the history of Hanze.

    Visit handicraft centre 'de driekant', with old medieval basement, an old bakery, you can get cakes or luncheon here.

    Also the Hanze- Stadsbrouwerij (brewery) for a tour and a tasting.

    Coffeeroasting factory 'de Pelikaan' to see the proces and taste some fantastic coffee

  • 44. Zwolle
    Zwolle, Overijssel Province

    about 40 minutes by train from Zutphen.
    Yet another Hanze city, small but beautiful.
    A small museum not to be missed is the 'Sinterklaasmuseum', a museum about a traditional celebration in the Netherlands.

    When you have some cash to spend: one of the best restaurants in The Netherlands is situated in Zwolle: De Librije

  • 45. Stedelijk Museum Zwolle
    Stedelijk Museum Zwolle, Zwolle, Overijssel Province

    History of the town and the area, paintings, silverware and again a fantastic building!

  • 46. Kampen
    Kampen, Overijssel Province

    10 minutes by train from Zwolle

    really small, also an old Hanze town. The old appearance is still very visble, the towngates are still there in all their glory, old churches, old ships. In the old town hall there's now a townmuseum.

  • 47. Groningen

    Day 12 about 1,5 hours by train from Kampen, in the far North of the Netherlands and also a Hanze city.
    The trainstation is the prettiest in the Netherlands.
    Lots of old beguinages, Korenbeurs is a beautiful building and so is the 'Goudhuis'. Great city for shopping.

    Groninger museum probably the 'hippest' museum in the Netherlands.

    Almost all the cafe's at 'Grote Markt' are nice for a drink.
    It's a University- town, so young and social crowd

  • 48. Martinitoren
    Martinitoren, Groningen

    Quite a climb but worth the view

  • 49. Leeuwarden
    Leeuwarden, Friesland Province

    Day 13 Your now in the area that has it's own language within the Netherlands, so you will see everything in 2 languages : Dutch and Fries

  • 50. Boomsma Beerenburg Museum

    THE drink of this area and here you can learn all about it

  • 51. De Grutterswinkel

    A museum in an old grocery shop, in the 19th century you could get everything here!

  • 52. Hema
    Hema, Leeuwarden, Friesland Province

    While in the Netherlands you definately have to visit this store, it can't get more Dutch than this!
    Have a 'rookworst' at the counter, smoked sausage, salty but perfect!

  • 53. Hoorn
    Hoorn, North Holland Province

    Day 14 Prepare for a bigger trip (about 2 hours), Don't take the train, that will take you very long, but go by bus over the 'afsluitdijk', which is a happening!

    Visit the 'Waag' (weiging house), The Westfries Museum (history). There's lots to see about the VOC-history (Dutch trading), the city hall is magnificent, great guide booklets at the tourist info.

    Great shopping area

  • 54. Zaandam
    Zaandam, North Holland Province

    Day 15 it's about 30 minutes by train from Hoorn to Zaandam, the town in it self is nice to see, but if you want to see the touristy bit, you'll have to take the train to 'Koog Zaandijk' (Koog aan de Zaan) from where you can walk (about 20 minutes) to the Zaanse Schans

  • 55. Zaanse Schans
    Zaanse Schans, Zaandam, North Holland Province

    Here you will find windmills, a museum, woodenshoe factory, cheese, a bakery museum, distellery museum etc.

  • 56. Volendam
    Volendam, North Holland Province

    oh boy, when you're by car it's easy, but this is a challenge by Public transportation. Maybe you have to get a ride from someone? But once in Volendam it's a nice stroll, it's not too big though

  • 57. Haarlem
    Haarlem, North Holland Province

    Day 17 Okay this is a bit tricky: Volendam has no trainstation, so you'll have to take the bus (buscompany arriva) to Amsterdam and from there take the train to Haarlem, but this city is worth the hassle

  • 58. Historic Museum Haarlem
    Museum Haarlem, Haarlem, North Holland Province

    There's also a small archaeological museum, which is for free.

    The beguinages are so beautiful. (In one of them there's a great place for Luncheon: 'Juffrouw zonder zorgen' ) Take the 'borrelboot' in the evening over the water with a nice drink and a bite.

    Visit windmill 'Adriaan'

  • 59. Jopenkerk
    Jopenkerk, Haarlem, North Holland Province

    Great place to have a drink or get a tour.

  • 60. Sint-Bavokerk (Church of St. Bavo)
    Sint-Bavokerk (Church of St. Bavo), Haarlem, North Holland Province

    The church where Mozart played as a young boy, great story about the 'Damiaantjes'

  • 61. Karmozijn
    Karmozijn, Haarlem, North Holland Province

    If you still have some money to spend: this is the place!

    But for the smaller wallet: there are so much nice places to eat in Haarlem! Cafe studio is also great for a drink, Koops is fantastic and 'In den Uiver' really takes you back in time! De Waag is again an old weighing house and has a great ambiance for a drink.

  • 62. Teylers Museum
    Teylers Museum, Haarlem, North Holland Province

    A Maecenas made it so that after his death all kinds of stuff he collected was shown to the public, making this the first (or second that's debatable... Maybe The Mauritshuis in The Hague) public museum of the Netherlands. All kinds of scientific equipment, minerals, paintings etc. is on display here, the temporary exhibitions are always great!

    After Haarlem you can return to Schiphol, its's about 25- 45 minutes by train, or you can choose to see a bit of Amsterdam (15 minutes by train)

  • 63. Bus in Zuid Holland (only in Dutch...)

    To get from 1 point to the next by bus

  • 64. Journeyplanner with all kinds of public transportation

    bus, train, boats all combined

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