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Trip List by NorJon713

Diners Drive-Ins and Dives (and other stops)

Sep 10, 2010  Food
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From the famed FoodTV show, we visited some of Guy's destinations. Other locations, as noted were not on the show, but we could recommend them to be.

  • 1. Geraci's Restaurant
    Geraci's Restaurant, Cleveland, Ohio

    Saw it on Diner's, Drive-In's & Dive's and just knew that we would have to visit on an upcoming trip to Cleveland. The Geraci's were there when we visited and they could not be more friendly, they were thrilled that we traveled so far to com and thanked us for coming. The salad served with dinner was plentiful with your choice of cheese on top. We ordered the Spaghetti & Meatballs as featured on "Triple-D" and was not disappointed. Definitely have to try the canolli as a dessert too. We've never been there before, yet were still treated like family. Very easy to see why it is a local favorite. Suggestion for others visiting from far away - it's not any of the diner's, drive-in's or dives. One should be prepared for a restaurant, casual, but still a restaurant.

  • 2. Lucky's Cafe
    Lucky's Cafe, Cleveland, Ohio

    Thought we got there early enough for lunch on a Saturday, but was told the kitchen was closed, but we could order coffee and desserts. The cappuccino was to die for and they did it decaf for us, which is preferred but not always an option. The Bomb is one of the finest desserts we've ever had, but had to share it because it was too rich. The other dessert looked better than it tasted and was a disappointment. The service, however ruined the ambiance for us. The girl behind the counter was not only talkative, she was opinionated and wouldn't let you have your say. We thought it was a bit pricey - $20 bought 2 cappuccino's and 2 desserts. If you go, know the neighborhood or bring a good GPS, the place is very hard to find, hidden in the middle of a neighborhood.

  • 3. Melt Bar & Grilled
    Melt Bar & Grilled, Lakewood, Ohio

    Unfortunately, there was a 2-hour wait at 5 pm on Saturday night, so we passed.

  • 4. West Side Market Cafe
    West Side Market Cafe, Cleveland, Ohio

    I had heard about the Cafe, but thought I was in the wrong place at first. The decor seems a bit outdated and cold, but that shouldn't stop you from trying this place, Excellent prices, menu choices and service. We had two very unique and tasty entrees. The Chicken Asparagus Wrap was made with an unique but oh so flavorful champagne sauce. Hubby had the Steak Wrap, a common menu item for sure, but it doesn't always come out right - the Cafe did it perfectly! I'm not sure if they get the ingredients inside the Market or not, but it certainly tasted like it- everything was fresh. We also had salads with our meals, which made for one of the best bargains around. Not including drinks and tips, the meals were under $10.00 a piece, and that's unheard of. We highly recommend the West Side Market Cafe.

  • 5. Smoque BBQ
    Smoque BBQ, Chicago, Illinois

    Saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and went out of our way to get there. We're big fans of the show, but have to say Guy did not do this place justice at all. He barely touched how fabulous it was. The food was so out of sight, I can still taste it. I'm not a big fan of baked beans, but wanted to try a sample of my husband's. Needless to say, he had to get his own after I "tried" all of it. Although it was busy, the service was attentive and friendly. The place, even the bathrooms are clean as a whistle. We tried practically everything, pulled pork, brisket, ribs - everything was the best we've ever had. The meats were so tender and flavorful. Great value too -$22 including drinks and tax and we were full! We were on a road trip and thought they might have competition when we got to Kansas City. The folks at Smoque should visit Kansas City to show them how it's done. Will definitely be returning on every trip back to Chicago.

    Tip: Closed Mondays, parking is impossible unless it's "off hours" and Sundays then you can probably find ample parking in the lot behind the restaurant.

  • 6. Comet Cafe
    Comet Cafe, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Felt a little out of place here, most of the staff or guests were tattooed or talking about tattoos, but that's just the artsy side of Comet. Once we got passed that, we thoroughly enjoyed our meals. One side looks like a coffee shop, the other is a bar. Funky is all around wherever you are. How could one not love a place that has the most abundant beer choices from all around the globe? If beer isn't your thing, then you've gotta try (and love) one of their dozens specialty coffees. These aren't your typical Mexican or Italian coffee's, these are named after candy bars- absolutely scrumptious. Unfortunately we didn't have room for one of the tempting desserts because our plates were overflowing with food. The Meat Loaf was better than Mom's as was the Mac & Cheese. Both so good we couldn't stop eating long after we were full. Great value and worth the trip, just sorry we couldn't stick around longer - great atmosphere too.

  • 7. The Shanty
    The Shanty, Wadsworth, Lake County

    We went out of our way, literally an hour because we had seen it on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Yes the crab cakes were to die for, but other than that it was average food only overpriced. The hamburger was huge, couldn't finish it, but it was also bland. Homemade soups made for a nice treat. The place is very hard to find, especially if you're looking for the gray building, they're in the middle of renovating. Inside it was dark even though it was still light outside, we could hardly read the menus.

  • 8. Ted Drewes Frozen Custard
    Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, Saint Louis, Missouri

    Didn't even know what frozen custard was, but knew I had to taste it. The staff was patient with me explaining concrete and whatnot. It was delicious and worth the wait as well as the drive.

  • 9. Arthur Bryant's Barbeque
    Arthur Bryant's Barbeque, Kansas City, Kansas

    Recommended from several sources. Good barbeque, but had better in Chicago (see Smoque). It's like a little factory, many "chef's" behind the line ready to take your order. Good value. Cheap and tasty beer. Decor could be better, I was waiting for a critter to come creeping up.

  • 10. Mama's 39th St Diner

    Deep friend almost everything. Had to visit after Diners, Drive Ins and Dives episode showed the deep fried French Toast. It was so delicious, I kept the leftovers for the long drive to Minneapolis and ate it on the way ... cold! Gotta find somewhere local to do this.

  • 11. Al's Breakfast
    Al's Breakfast, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Stood in line along the wall for over an hour just to have an average, but cheap breakfast. The servers yell at one another and believe they're entertaining you. There are no bathrooms, the staff is rude, the food average but there's something about the ambiance that you have to try it at least once.

  • 12. The Nook

    Long wait even though it wasn't dinner hour. Best bet is to take a bar seat if one opens up. Very good burgers, juicy, huge, incredibly delectable and unique.

  • 13. The Depot American Diner
    The Depot American Diner, Chicago, Illinois

    Just had to have those Mocha Donuts featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dines. Two dozen for $24? Ouch! What was worse is that we ended up throwing them up. What was Guy thinking?

  • 14. Hackney's
    Hackney's, Glenview, Illinois

    Famous inside out burgers, unbelievable. They now ship around the states too! How cool is that!

  • 15. R-Place Family Eatery
    R's Place, Morris, Illinois

    Pleasant surprise recommended by friends that live in the area. We were on a baseball road trip and ended our trip here .... in a truck stop! Inside was home cooked food, unique breads and other baked goods for sale and a whopping menu. All for a value, all in a baseball themed restaurant. What a perfect ending.

  • 16. Captain Chuck A Mucks Ship
    Captain Chuck-A-Mucks Sandbar and Grill, Carrollton, Virginia

    The little shack on the water doesn't even have a sign outside. Once you get to the door, it tells you no ties are allowed. Inside is clean as a whistle. Fast, friendly service that does not hesitate to make sure your needs are attended to. As far as the food, it can not get fresher and the portions model what I would make at home, only at home I might be a bit skimpier.

  • 17. Hightstown Diner
    Hightstown Diner, Hightstown, New Jersey

    Affordable, friendly, quick service with great food. Too much food to finish, great cup of coffee and it appears everyone knows everyone else. Classic old diner decor add to a great visit.

  • 18. Chap's Pit Beef

    Sometimes Guy gets it right, sometimes he missed by not even coming close to how wonderful the place is. This was right on target. It was wonderful all around. Friendly, helpful, efficient staff with scrumptious food to serve. We sampled almost everything. Would highly, highly recommend to anyone traveling in the area.

  • 19. Blue Moon Cafe
    Blue Moon Cafe, Baltimore, Maryland

    Before we knew we were going to make a habit of visiting these famous locations, this was our first stop. Saw the location on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. Just HAD to try the Capn Crunch French Toast. Unfortunately, there was over an hour wait for a table, with people lining up all the way down the street. We had our breakfast to go and somehow did not get the full effect, I'm sure. It was tasty though and the ambiance did not show the way it did on TV. Would love to make it back someday.