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Trip List by TiberLimoRome

Travel to Rome, Italy – Best Tour of the City

May 21, 2010  Rome limo tour guide who has discussed these things with travelers to Rome.
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The eternal city is like a museum of antiquity with the old next to the new. The center of the Roman Empire, the city of Rome evokes awe with majestic structures left to us from the distant past, as well as architecture from the Renaissance period. The city of Rome has seen all the eras of human growth and change with remnants of those periods left behind for us to admire today. This tour is a great introduction to the city of Rome and the Vatican, especially good for first-time visitors to Rome.

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  • 1. Roman Coliseum

    Originally the Flavian Amphitheatre, it is located in the center of Rome and considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering. It would seat 50,000 and completed in 80 AD. It took an earthquake to bring part of it done.

  • 2. Roman Forum

    During the days of Caesar, it had the oldest and most important structures of the ancient city located in or near it. The Forum became the place where Romans gathered for political discussion. Their was a forum in most large Roman cities; however, this one carries the most importance.

  • 3. Trevi Fountain

    It is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome. The scene depicts how a virgin helps the Roman engineers to locate a source of pure water for the city of Rome in 19 BC. It was part of the massive aquaduct water system of Rome.

  • 4. The Pantheon

    It was commissioned as a temple to all the gods of Rome in ancient times. Its dome is still the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome. It has been continuously used since it was constructed, even as a Roman Catholic church.

  • 5. St. Angelo Castle

    Also known as Hadrian’s Tomb, this fortress/castle protected the popes across the centuries, when the Vatican was under attack. A once-secret tunnel (see the URL http://www. erboristeriaedaltro .com /camereciprobeb /MAPPA_CAMERE _CIPRO_B&B _ROMA _CENTRO_015.gif for a map of the tunnel - delete the spaces in this URL to use) runs between the Vatican and the Castle, called the Il Passetto.

  • 6. The Spanish Steps

    The Spanish Steps offer splendid views of the city of Rome, as well as international restaurants and cuisine and world renowned shopping. A must for any "shop 'til you drop" tourist.

  • 7. Piazza Navona

    A plaza (city square), built atop a stadium that was used in ancient Rome for "the games". You will see sculptures, the Sant'Agnese in Agone church (well worth your time to tour), quaint local architecture, laid-back sidewalk cafes, and much more.

  • 8. The Vatican: St. Peter's Square

    Recognized by International Law as a sovereign entity (nation), the Vatican has a non-voting representative at the United Nations. It is also the central governing body of the Roman Catholic Church, where the Pope resides. Legend has it that the Vatican was built upon the site where Saint Peter was martyred.

  • 9. The Vatican: St. Peter's Basilica

    Go here to reserve tickets to visit the tombs of St Peter and many popes, including John Paul II, below the basilica. Here is information on the basilica, itself: http:// saintpetersbasilica.org /touristinfo.htm, and here on seeing the Pope: http:// saintpetersbasilica.org /touristinfo.htm #seeingthepope.

  • 10. The Vatican: Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel

    The Vatican Museums host some of the world's most renown art collections. For their new virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel: http:// www.vatican.va /various/cappelle /index_sistina_en.htm. Make sure you bring binoculars for each person in your party. You won't want to miss a single detail.

  • 11. The Vatican: St. Paul's Basilica

    Located outside Vatican walls, this papal basilica houses St. Paul's tomb and Sarcophagus. There's more information here: http:// www.annopaolino.org /index.asp?lang=eng.

  • 12. St. Maria Basilica

    Another of the papal basilicas is St. Maria Maggiore. It is said that the Virgin Mary, herself, chose the location for her basilica. See http:// www.vatican.va /various/basiliche /sm_maggiore/en /storia/interno.htm for more information on this unique basilica.

  • 13. Surrounding Rome - Ostia Antica

    The Ostia Antica was a large and wealthy, ancient harbor city, about 40 minutes from Rome. The sight is larger than Pompeii and has much more to see. Excavations began in the 19th century, discovering a theatre, temples, businesses, baths and a capitol erected during the reign of Hadrian. A must see.

  • 14. Surrounding Rome - San Callisto Catacombs

    During the persecution of the early Christian church in the area of Rome, Christians buried their dead in underground catacombs. Today, archaeological excavations allow you to see these unique catacombs. A very unique and sacred site to see, regardless of your beliefs.

  • 15. Surrounding Rome - The Appia Antica

    This perfectly made road looks as if it was made only a few years ago, yet it is one of the ancient roads of the Roman Empire, where marks can still be seen from the ancient Roman transports.

  • 16. Surrounding Rome - Castel Gandolfo and the Romani area

    A Pontifical estate, the Castel Gandolfo is the summer residence of the pope. If you see the URL link above, you will see how absolutely beautiful this residence is and a must tour. Learn more at: http:// www.vaticanstate.va/EN /Monuments /Castel_Gandolfo.htm. Additionally, do not miss the surrounding Romani area, where you can relax, have lunch and taste the famous Italian wine produced in the Romani area.