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Trip List by JenC-7

Best of Europe's biggest cities

Feb 29, 2008  
3.5 of 5 stars based on 15 votes

Best cities with over a million people

  • Explore locations featured in this Trip List: Rome, London, Barcelona, Paris, Vienna, Madrid, Berlin, Budapest, Munich, Prague
  • Category: Best of
  • Traveler type: Culture, Sightseeing, Never been before
  • Appeals to: Couples/romantics, Singles, Seniors, Budget travelers, Tourists
  • Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • 1. Rome
    Rome, Lazio

    My favorite big European city. It's got the best food, the most history, the best art. Toss in mild weather and the friendly Italians and it's a no-brainer. Rome has its faults as well... The city can be a bit overwhelming to some and as a tourist you always have to be on alert for pickpockets, especially on the subways and buses. Overall, it's worth the minor annoyances to be able to spend even a short amount of time in The Eternal City.

  • 2. London
    London, England

    London gets my vote for the city with the most things to do. Also, the tube is the best subway system in Europe in my opinion. It's a breeze to get around town, and London's many train stations give you the possibility for infinite day trips out of town.

  • 3. Barcelona

    Barcelona has the most interesting architecture by far of all major European cities, especially the buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi. It's also one of the few major cities that has good public beaches.

  • 4. Paris
    Paris, Ile-de-France

    The best looking city overall, and probably the most romantic. The food is second only to Rome's. Paris is a great city of neighborhoods, each arrondissement has its own personality.

  • 5. Vienna

    Such a regal and elegant city, with countless grand buildings and palaces. Whenever I think of Vienna I always remember a bit from Bill Bryson's book, Neither Here Nor There. He wrote: "A Martian coming to Earth would unhesitatingly land at Vienna, thinking it the capital of the planet". I have no doubt!

  • 6. Madrid

    The best nightlife of any city on my list. Do these people EVER sleep? Madrid also has some some of the best art museums of any city in the world.

  • 7. Berlin
    Berlin, Germany

    You could spend weeks here and not see it all. The period of Berlin's history that is the most interesting to me is the 20th century, and it surrounds you everywhere. Between World War II and Communist era sights, this is the place to be if you're a recent history buff.

  • 8. Budapest
    Budapest, Central Hungary

    The most "underrated" city on my list. Budapest has a fascinating history, and the Castle Hill area is just beautiful. The many thermal baths that are open to the public also make for a unique experience.

  • 9. Munich
    Munich, Upper Bavaria

    Munich gets my vote for the friendliest locals of any big city in Europe. Maybe all that beer helps to loosen them up!

  • 10. Prague
    Prague, Bohemia

    The most "overrated" city on my list. Yes, it is very beautiful. But compared to other major European cities, it lacks in sights in my opinion... It almost didn't make my personal top ten (I have a soft spot for french fries, chocolate and beer so I was partial to Brussels instead) , and the only reason it did is based entirely on looks. I seem to be the only one that feels that way, though! Almost everyone I know that has been to Prague just can't get enough of the place... So I've assumed that I must be mistaken and here it is on my list!