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Trip List by amcsocal

My List of Great European Cities

May 5, 2006  I love travelling
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London and Paris are popular cities to visit especially here on Tripadvisor, but explore beyond them. There's so many other great European Cities to visit. I've enjoyed London and Paris, but go out there and travel these amazing cities also (in no particular order):

  • 1. Budapest
    Budapest, Central Hungary

    Old World charm. The city is divided into 2 parts by the blue Danube, which are Buda and Pest. Not as commercialized or expensive as the other European cities. Home to many of the famous warm baths in Europe like Szechenyi Baths and Gellert Baths. View the Chain Bridge and Pest from the hills on top of Buda at night, you'll get an amazing view. Or walk by the Danube from the Pest side at night, and view the Buda side, you'll get another amazing view. Budapest is a charming city to explore.

  • 2. Copenhagen
    Copenhagen, Zealand

    Wonderful Copenhagen, beautiful and clean city, wonderful people! You can go on and on and on walking the pedestrian only streets that goes on for blocks. Nyhavn, Little Mermaid, Tivoli, are all great places to visit and see. You can walk all over Copenhagen and in every turn you can always find something interesting. Copenhagen is a picturesque and a truly European city!

  • 3. Prague
    Prague, Bohemia

    Gorgeous city, cobblestone streets, old world, preserved architecture. The city is getting more and more tourists each year but still worth a visit! It's definitely cheaper than London or Paris. Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, views from on top of Prague Castle overlooking the city, all are incredible. Grab a sausage or hot dog from one of the outside street vendors. It's the best sausage/hot dog we've ever had. The time we were there, it was only $1 for both hot dog/sausage and drink. If you're a fan of inexpensive but quality beer, Prague is it!

  • 4. Venice

    In my opinion, one of the most, or if not, the most beautiful city in the World. It's romantic, it has amazing architecture, and it's for art lovers. Every aspect of the city is exceptionally beautiful. I love that it's pedestrian only, there are no cars and everyone here goes around either by foot or by boat/gondola. It is touristy yes, but a once in a lifetime experience that you'll never forget!

  • 5. Vienna

    Very clean city. Known for its beautiful and rich music from the works of Mozart and Strauss. The city itself has a lot of class of its own. Museums here are world class. During summer, there are festivals outside City Hall. Enjoy them and mingle with the locals. The Hofburg, St Stephan's cathedral, and attending a Mozart/Strauss concert are some of the highlights.

  • 6. Oslo
    Oslo, Eastern Norway

    In my opinion, the most expensive city in Europe. I think it's even more expensive in Oslo than in London(had TGI Fridays and for 2 people it already cost $100+ for dinner). But I love Oslo! People here are just friendly and again a very clean city. The parks here can go on forever, very relaxing and great for people watching. If you go during the summer, as in many Scandinavian cities and towns, you'll still see sunlight until 9-10 pm in the evening. In the other towns, it's 24 hour sunlight. This is where they get the name 'Land of the Midnight Sun'(similar to Alaska). Oslo is a small city but a starting point to see some of the most beautiful and breathtaking countryside of Norway. You can take the "Norway in the Nutshell tour" to Bergen and view some incredible fjords along the way. It was once named the #1 Natural Travel Destination from National Geographic in 2004-2005.

  • 7. Rome
    Rome, Lazio

    The whole country of Italy is beautiful. Yes Rome is touristy and crowded, but this is an incredible city filled with history dating back thousands of years. I'm pretty much speechless when I'm walking by the Coliseum, the Vatican and all the beautiful churches, and the Ruins around the city. The outdoor markets are a sight to see and the many Plazas are always interesting to stroll through. Besides sightseeing, have a gelato, a slice of pizza, and tiramisu. Watch how fashionable the Italians are and shop till you drop!

  • 8. Stockholm

    Another great Scandinavian city! All the Scandinavian cities we've been to have some of the friendliest and down to earth people we've met, including Stockholm! Go to Old Town to people watch or just take in the city. View the Royal Palace. Take a cruise around the city to get the magnificent views of it. Go to Skansen to enjoy Swedish culture and see some reindeers. See for yourself an actual Viking ship! One of the most gorgeous cities in the world, Stockholm is a must see!